Which technologies are most effective in the classroom? And how do they promote equality and diversity?

Which technologies do you find most effective in the classroom and why? Do they promote equality and diversity? Please share your thoughts.

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Personally I have great responses from presentations in my classes, these are delivered via a interactive whiteboard. In order to promote equality and diversity I make sure that I cover VAK to enable all learners to interact. I create pictures and text to demonstrate my topics on my presentations, also including music which I play through 'YouTube'. Questioning throughout the session will enable me to distinguish where learning has taken place.

As well as you Melissa in order to effectively promote the inclusion of all learners I am going to use computers and projector to ensure that I cover VAK and enable all students to participate in my next session.

I find it very useful having computers and also having them connected to the Internet in the classroom. This really helps as part of the lesson the students work on their research folders at their own speed and having the students in the same area allows the teacher to be able to see all the students. The barrier for any student who may be shy about asking for assistance is overcome, as the teacher is speaking to everyone individually, students don't feel like the odd one out. It also helps with making sure students are on task (for the most part) as the way the computers are laid out, a quick look will show what sites the students are looking at.

As the room is big enough to have the computers and other tables within it, they can decide to use the computers or not, but are in the same room so the teacher can catch up with them. Unlike if some students needed to go to the library to use computers but others didn't want to, the teacher wouldn't be able to get round everyone.
Hi Jo,
I am based within the performing arts department and iPods are of great use to us.
They have a greater storage size than a cd, can be easily edited in terms of content and are easy to carry around.
They are also useful for students to see the name of the song and the artist/composer that the teacher is using.
Ive found iPods appeal to all learners and are easily accessible
Hope this helps.
Emma :)

We use Android tablets (Asus - Nexus 7 http://www.asus.com/Tablet/Nexus/Nexus_7/) in the classroom, they come cheap and deliver a wonderful experience to all students. Using a classroom management software (SmartClass http://www.radix-int.com/Classroom-Management/SmartClass-for-Tablet...), we can collaborate and focus our attention to students who really need the extra help. We mostly like the co-browsing and the tablet screen broadcast function, but we also use the remote assistance and student hand raise functions.

Just like with laptops and desktops in the past, I can't imagine how our class would be without this.

Hi Jo,

I teach maths to adult learners with basic numeracy skills. I have been using prezi for my presentations over the past few weeks as a change to PowerPoint. My students have really engaged with this form of class discussion as I can make my presentations different every week. I had a Christmas one before the holidays which added a little bit of sparkle to the lesson! Also, my students have enjoyed using 'word salad' to make posters to help with maths vocabulary.

I find both these applications very easy to use which is really important to my students who often have basic literacy and IT skills.


Hi Jo,

In my opinion,using technologies such as computers and ipads in the classroom are crucial tools which can make learning process more interesting thus not so serious and difficult as it was regarded in the past. It increases interest and motivation among students and also produce positive feelings towards the subject.

Using cutting-edge devices in the classroom involve all learners thus promote the inclusion and bring equality and diversity in every session. Bearing in mind diversity and promoting equality every teacher should be able to create a positive and equal learning environment.


I don't get many opportunities to use much technology but in the past I have found clips from films useful and also like Melissa the use of YouTube is also handy as there are videos about different acting practitioners. These can be accessed easily by the tutor and by the students too. I also have to use music a lot, which most of the time instantly makes the students have more energy but on occasions they can get distracted by it too. I think it's finding the balance and not being too reliant on technology in case it goes wrong but also not too be afraid of using it for that reason. Some students struggle with concentration so he use of short video clips would be ideal for them.
Hi Jo, as a bit of a technophobe I am slightly opposed to using technology as I feel that it can encurr delays if there are problems with the equipment being used and can interrupt the flow in lessons if teachers are not familiar enough with the technology being used. Having said that, I am currently using an iPad during lectures for PGCE and I think it is an excellent tool that ensures all notes taken during lessons are uploaded to many different devices simultaneously.
What are your thoughts?

Hi Jo, the internet is geat for teaching but also learning. For every example I used on Youtube to demonstrate my lesson points the students threw back just as many they knew. On youtube it was a very fast and broadening experience. I loved the way everyone had a bank of things they like and know on youtube. If anything the problems are setting parameters for the students to work within the new technology. At the end of the day technology is only technology and allowing it to encourage ideas is the challange in the classroom. Just recently I tried to introduce my class to a new software package and I suddenley realized everyone doesn't learn software at the same pace...some felt great because they were streaking ahead but at the same time others were feeling left out because they were being left behind ..not good equality., same problems as convential learning  but with new technologies.

Hi Jo, 

I've previously posted about the website edudemic that focuses on the latest trends in education technology and web tools for teachers.     

"We’re always trying to figure out the best tools for teachers, trends in the education technology industry, and generally doing our darnedest to bring you new and exciting ways to enhance the classroom."

Other teachers in this forum have commented that it is a 'wow' site featuring relevant information in education and in trending technology for the classroom.




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