I am having a "virtual open house" for my students to showcase their work online. They are choosing several pieces of work to share, including traditional word documents, computer art, photographs of artwork and science projects, podcasting, video, and audio files. They are excited to share the link with out of town relatives and friends.

What do you think is the best way to showcase student work? A teacher's blog, student blogs, wikis, weebly, google docs? Any online portfolio tools that you'd recommend? The ability to post comments is important to me. Thanks for your help!

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If you want it to be student centric and student managed, I think Elgg and Mahara are well suited as e-portfolios.
I heard about Elgg at a presentation at CUE a few months ago. I'm not familiar with Mahara. I'll check it out now. Thank you for the suggestions!
Wow, Larry. Your website is just a wealth of information! I hadn't stumbled across this particular blog entry yet. Thank you so much for taking time to share. I'll explore those links from your post now. Thank you!

So, when you say you recommend EduBlogs, would that be you posting student work in your posts and they being able to comment? Or, do you recommend the model of having their student blogs linked under your EduBlog? I think I remember your telling me that you don't use the individual blogs for them, right?
It depends.

For early ELL's, I use Posterous with links to each of their Posterous blogs on an Edublog I create, and the students post their work on their own to their Posterous blog.

For Intemediate ELL's and mainstream, Edublogs is the way to go in order to get comments, I think.

I'm on your blog, looking for the FlowGram stuff you showed me a few weeks ago. Can you send me the link for the spot where you have that posted? Can't find it. ;) Thanks!!
HI Donelle -- just saw this, but Flowgram is now defunct.
I think the easiest and fastest way to accomplish this would be using a wiki such as PBworks.com or Wikispaces.com (they both offer free wikis for educators with no ads and the ability to create student accounts). Each student can create their own page and then design it however they like. Both websites allow for commenting (PBworks comments are directly on the bottom of the page and Wikispaces comments are on a separate tab at the top). If you are concerned about allowing students to edit only their own page, both sites offer an upgraded package where you can set page-level permissions which restrict who can edit and/or view each page. This upgrade costs $99/year on PBworks and I think $200/year on Wikispaces. I use PBworks and highly recommend it, but I know others are equally passionate about Wikispaces.

I'm thinking about having my students maintain year-long portfolios for projects and labs next year using the class wiki. I'd be very interested to hear what platform you decide to use and how it works out for your classes!
I was hoping for that option to allow students to edit only their own page, but wasn't as fond of the fees. I signed up for Wikispaces, but have not checked out PBworks. I would love to see how you organized that.

My goal was to start here, and then have my students maintain year-long portfolios next year as well. Trying to pace myself. Since you are looking to do that next year as well, let's keep in touch. I'll share when I have it set up. Thank you so much for taking time to give me feedback!
I've been using Wikispaces for almost two years. This is where I host my student projects. I archive the projects each year. I have an education account which removes ads from the pages. I have over 100 student ids. No fees. It works great!
Great! Thank you so much for sharing. I'll check this out and may leave you a message with a question or two. :-)
Any time.



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