Hello All
I am looking for examples of school/college/university websites that have been created using Wordpress. Websites only and not blogs. Examples will be used for a web design teacher training module.

Is your website created with Wordpress or do you know of any? Any links or leads would be much appreciated!

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I'm afraid mine is still very rough and I've gotten behind a little (sick kids) recently, but I'll share! This is the page I send my kids to for reminders of due dates, handouts, etc.


The front page is "blog like" and linear, but there are tabs and pages along the side which are all fixed. Hope this helps, though I'm sure others have much better examples to share! FWIW, I would love to have feedback on how to improve clarity/improve mobility on my site if you have time. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing Candace.
Love the layout which is clear and easy to navigate. Not sure what you mean by mobility on the site?
PS. Given that you are adding the weekly updates you may also be interested in sharing the site on the Edubloggers Directory - http://edubloggerdir.blogspot.com
Hi Patricia,
I created this middle years chemistry unit using wordpress, but it is not a blog:
Thanks Tim
This is what I am looking for. Like the way you link to your pages and pdf files on the right. Nice example showing that you do not have to use tabs at the top of the page.
I have hundreds of 'attractive' webpages--but alas not done with Wordpress.
Hi Nancy
Thanks anyway. Are any of the webpages that you are thinking about school sites? They may still give ideas that could be modelled using wordpress.
Go here to see all the stuff we've done. The websites are at the top of the list but farther down you will see websites we've done based on specific curriculum--Titanic, The Inventive Process, WWII veterans, CSI, etc. I also do a site called Curiculum Links which helps us orgainze resources for units of study or student interest. Good luck with your new project!
Hi Nancy
Thanks for the link and good wishes :-)
I'm using Wordpress (WPMU) for www.oaklandtech.com, for both the main school site and the individual teachers' sites (accessible from the Staff Directory). It's a work in progress, and I'm never quite satisfied with how I've organized content, but I'm thrilled with how easy and versatile Wordpress is to work with.

Your site looks very nice, I hope applications like Wordpress raise the school/teacher website from the garish, flashy colored, huge cliparted pages of old!!
Thanks Dan
Great example of a full school site. Love the theme. It is very effective for also adding in the updated news on the main page. Also love the full page calendar. Was just wondering how that was added?
I'm using the Event Calendar plugin for both the full page calendar as well as the Event Calendar and Upcoming Events list on the front page.



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