I'm new to Classroom 2.0 and to using technology for my teaching in general. Where can I go on the web to create a website which my students can access for assignments, help, etc.?

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Wikispaces.com and other wiki sites (WetPaint, PBWiki) are really good for that, and most are very education-friendly.

I've also been using Weebly.com a LOT lately. It's free, and great for simple site creation.

Depending on the age of your students, you can also create a Ning network like this one. :) For more info, see http://education.ning.com/.

Good luck!
You can also use a well designed blog for this, even though blogs aren't websites they are really easy to set up. You might check pageflakes.com, too.
Nancy - Thanks for the lead! I will pursue this. I'm amazed at the number of possibilities that are available. Mark Chuoke
Steve - Thanks very much for the leads. I'm truly impressed -- within 2 hours of starting -- with Classroom 2.0. Along w/ your leads I've got three others from two different members, and on New Year's Eve, no less. I also want to say that your tutorial, which I watched before I signed up, was very helpful and encouraging. Without it I'm not sure I would have signed up so quickly. Mark Chuoke
Haven't tried this new one out yet . . . but looks promising: http://snappages.com/ .

Personally . . . if I were back in the classroom again, I'd probably use Google Sites. It is basically a easy-to-use wiki . . . but ties in so well with other Google tools. I use Google Sites for my online "office." :)


Our school uses ClassJump.com for our teachers' webpages. It's very easy to set up and FREE!
I think it's pretty hard to beat Google Sites for that sort of thing.

It's even easier than most wikis, and it's easier to organize than a blog--since you can create separate pages and link to them like a traditional static site.
Thanks Michael, I didn't know google did a web site facility.
Our district webpages for teachers are terrible which made me seek out websites that I can use much like you want to above. I looked at some of the webpages that other teachers in my district made using independent sites (both these teachers used www.teacherweb.com)


and then researched others. I settled on using www.myteacherpages.com (prices were the same as teacherweb but I liked the look of it better). You can check out my site if you like at www.mrsheatonsclass.com (I also purchased a domain name, $10 for the year, so it would be easier for my students to get to my site...since I knew I was going to be using it a lot). I got the free trial for 30 days and then when I purchased the site for the year I upgraded to the more expensive package (just to see if I would like it...which I do...). Here is an example of another teacher using teacherpages (not in my district) http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/mri/index.cfm

Hope that helps!
I would certainly second the notion that these websites that you have named above are a great way for a beginner to start out. Our system uses teacherweb which is great for most. Personally I have a .mac account and maintain my website that way. My only problem with this is that well, it's expensive, and also I have had my computer crash before and had to start over from scratch. I am a Mac person and love that all my applications are streamlined, but not being able to edit my site from any other computer gets frustrating.
Eva, I checked out your webpage and I love it. I do have a couple of questions. Did myteacherpages give you the option to purchase your own domain or did you do that through an outside source? Also, I noticed that your blogs were through blogspot. Was this provided or did you have to set up your site through myteacherpages and then add in a lot of your outside stuff? Just curious. I'm seriously thinking about moving my site to something like this. My students do a lot of podcasting. Do you know if this is supported as well? Thanks for your time!
Weebly is not only free, but it allows you to use an existing domain name *at no charge.* It still stuns me...
I went to an outside source to purchase my domain name (godaddy.com). I was emailed instructions on how to forward my domain name to myteacherpages site. It was well worth the yearly price of $10 to do that. Let me also tell you that I am not a technology expert by any means and if I can do that anyone can!

I went through blogspot because I was familiar with it. I puchased the upgrade package at myteacherpages which includes blog capability but have not used it (no reason only that I was on a time crunch and decided to go with a known blog instead of playing around with an unknown blog...although that might be my summer project to look at it a bit closer). The basic yearly rate for the website is $39 for the year and I think the upgrade was $59 (I think) for the year (so total with the domain name purchase was $69...I say it is the best money spent...I used PTO money I was given to do it this year but would gladly spend my own money next year for the freedom it gives me.)

Here is a teacher who uses myteacherpages and podcasts (http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/TeresaOakley/). She is very nice and could probably answer your question about podcasting better then I could since I haven't started that yet.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. My contact information is on my website.



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