I found this site this morning and am left wondering why it took me so long... I've been using Microsoft's popfly (www.popfly.com) to create review games for my site for about a year now. I like it but it is very complex which while nice for some things is just unnecessary for others. I've made some really cool (at least I think so...) games but they take quite a bit of work.

Contentgenerator.net makes very cool (at least I think so...) games with almost no work whatsoever. Basically the games are all templates that you just type your review questions into and then they are generated as Flash (.swf) files for easy use on most websites.

What makes the games work so well I feel is that every right question is rewarded with a chance to "play" a little. For example, in the Penalty Shot game when you get the question right you then get to take a shot. The shot-taking is simple, just a timed mouse click, but it is fun and well animated.

Some of the other games require answering a series of questions right in order to reach a final goal. Walk the Plank, for example, ends with the teacher avatar walking the plank if enough points are earned during the game.

Most of the games are not free though some are, and some are free while in beta but they are well worth the purchase in my opinion if you want to spice up your website or even use them as in class games if you're not a PowerPoint fiend. The games are about $40 US (25 in GBP) and allow for unlimited games made once purchased. Definitely worth checking out.

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I've played with sharendipity as well and I frankly didn't find it very intuitive. I think it is wonderful and admittedly it offers more than popfly but learning another system after already learning popfly was a bit much for me.

I feel that contentgenerator will be much more helpful to teachers in general since it is clearly designed with us in mind. With no coding required whatsoever, just typing in the questions, it is hard to beat.
This is really cool. Thanks for the post!
I just clicked on popfly and it is out of business:(
There is another site called classtools.net that is also a great tool.
Awesome, thanks Greg, I look forward to checking it out.

Much to my anger Microsoft shutdown Popfly over the Summer. Really frustrates me but oh well, such is life on the web.
I use Content Generator a lot because some of the games they produce are SCORM compliant and therefore they work in an LMS like Moodle, which we use at our school. It means that the students are happy to play the games and consolidate their learning but we as teachers have official record of their scores and progress to show to our bosses and the children's parents :)
Here's a few I've been working with. I make games for elementary reading (using content generators). My favorite is Content Generator- by far. It can be used for online practice or even a review- especially the Fling the Teacher! You know kids LOVE that one.

http://www.education.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/ This is from Australia and it's got 5 or 6 different game creators. NICE options.

http://www.superteachertools.com/ several different flash games- jeopardy, millionaire, speed match, etc- as well as teacher tools like name generators n such; can make game online w/no domnload

http://jeopardylabs.com/ online jeopardy template- no downloading required

http://reviewgamezone.com/ make make a review game in soccer, basketball, baseball, ping-pong or plain

http://smart.fm/ several different vocabulary or spelling games- can actually be used for several different things- even has typing; game users don't have to sign up- only sign-up if you want to create

http://mystudiyo.com/- free multimedia quizzes this one has lots of different colors& layouts

http://www.wordlearner.com/ awesome free generator- supposed to be for foreign lang- I use for everything; printable or playable; really LOTS of free options

http://quizboxes.com/ another nice jeopardy creator- with many options- the guy that created this even made an inexpensive student-response system

http://hungryfrog.com/ - seems to be a bit messy, but trying to learn how to use

http://bubbabrain.com/ this ones new- still not quite sure about it- hoping options will grow

http://classtools.net create Venn diagrams, word shoot, MANY options

http://quizlet.com/ quizlet has some nice games to play!

http://www.playkidsgames.com/ several different word/vocab games- wordsearch/anagram/pinball, etc have to sign up- it's free

http://www.purposegames.com/ create edu&quiz games

Here's my blog w/examples of some of these already- rtoa.blogspot.com

Hope this helps someone!
~~~ Sharnon Johnston-Robinett ~~~
Thanks, Sharon, for this exhaustive list. Some I've seen before, but may are new to me.
Have a look at Raptivity (http://www.raptivity.com/index.html) for games in eLearning and YawnBuster (http://www.yawnbuster.com) for games in classrooms.

Thanks for circulating these innovative review gaming sites, Kev!

I'd love to get your feedback on some word game helpers and 'brain training' resources we recently released to the public on https://www.crosswordsolver.com/. One of our target audiences is students, so we've aimed to make the interface and user experience as seamless and easy to navigate as possible.

I believe our site can help kiddos build their language skills and vocabulary. It also encourages resourcefulness and the ability to meet challenges in fun and productive ways.

For example, one tool we launched is an Anagram Solver that helps you unscramble any number of letters. Then, if needed, you can sort the results by length and/or by type (i.e. words, phrases, or both). It also details exactly what an anagram is, how anagram games work, as well as the difference between palindromes and blanagrams.

We also have a newly redesigned Scrabble help page where you can learn about acceptable Scrabble words, popular tournaments, and how the game is played and scored. More notably though is the Scrabble Word Finder tool on the same page that's designed to help players succeed in the game. It allows you to define which dictionary you’re using, the number of blank tiles, and how words should begin and/or end. It then identifies every word you can form on the Scrabble board including the highest-scoring words. You can also update what’s in your rack and on the board after each search.

I'd love to get any and all thoughts on our tools! Thanks in advance.



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