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Quick question: Does anyone here use video games in their classroom? If you do, what games do you use and in what ways do you use them? Short responses are perfectly acceptable!

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A friend of mine uses the Wii integrating PE and Math.

Thanks for your response, Maria!

Would you mind elaborating on this (which games and math concepts)?

Hi Erica.  I don't use video games per say, however they kids are able to play games online.  I use it as a reward.  They can buy computer game time with Mason money.  

Thanks for responding, Kate!  

I use games as an instruction. I have my 6th graders play games to practice their touch typing skills. Also I use games to help them practice problem solving a troubleshooting. I developed a tool/procedure called START based on the scientific method where students have to State the problem, Track down a partner to check with, Analyze and brainstorm solutions to the probrlme, Revise solutions based on Testing your solutions. I also use wooden logic puzzles for this activity as well.


Thanks so much for your response, John!

I've never used video games but have an iPad that I use where many of the apps that my students use are educational with a "gaming feel."  I also use a lot of interactive online games like "Arcademic Skill Builders" which I highly recommend if you've never visited this site.  It has a great interface, it's motivational and has an academic purpose.  Hope this helps!

It definitely helps, Wesley - thanks!

The only video game I have used is Just Dance in my PE class.  It depends on the size of the class but if you have a projector screen it is pretty easy to use.  They don't need the controller to follow along.  You can play too, it's pretty fun!

Cool!  Thanks for responding, Stacey! 

There is a game called Refraction  to help kids understand the concept of fractions and play with equivalent fractions by dividing laser beams to meet the specification on the screen to power little rocket ships.  I got hooked on it myself.  I think it is from the University of Washington.  But if you google "refraction" you will find it.



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