I was just wondering if other trainee teachers and teachers thought that there is too much focus on technology in the classroom? What if you teach a subject such as drama where there isn't access to technology? Is it used too much to give teachers an easy lesson? Do children become more reliant on it? Also the cost, could this be spent on other things such as educational trips etc?

please share your thoughts.

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I think Technology is great but should be used as tool and not the be and end all within a creative subject. Some students within Art & Design lose the ability to explore concepts if they just stick to technology. Sorry cannot comment on Drama as, know nothing about this subject.

From personal experience technology can sometimes cause more problems than it solves, if a module is being taught within a very tight time frame and students are being expected to use new technology, whilst for some this may be fine, others will spend too much time trying to work out how to use the new technology before they are able to carry out the assignment and this can put them at a disadvantage.

I agree with Ann, sometimes its almost expected for a student to already know all about Technology, its almost impossible to do as some are working at different levels or require more help and yes can put them at a disadvantage if working within tight deadlines. Particularly when you have older mature students who are new to some technology ( without being age-est)

Sometimes technology can hinder progress when it fails to work, files are not compatible, used in an unsuitable manner or if it is too complex for people to use it as a learning aid. On the other hand I have seen a good use of the iPad in classrooms with degree level students whereby in the internet has been utilised on the spot to access contemporary artists work as part of discussions. Another good example of technology in the classroom is when tutors are working one-to-one with learners and are able to email tutorial notes over to the student immediately instead of handling paper copies. I do believe technology is sometimes used for the sake of using technology though, which defeats the object.

Sorry, it is difficult for me to comment on the use of technologies within the drama setting as I have little experience. Could it not be used in a similar way to above in the drama setting? After all drama and fine art are classed as 'the arts'...there must be similarities regarding concept and contextualising work.

Yes I completely agree with you. Technology is difficult to access in drama and usually the room used is just a dance studio with one computer in it,if you're lucky. However if I really wanted to use technology it would be up to me to sort out a room in advance for the students. This is fine but sometimes there isn't always one available.

Hi Melissa

For me technology is a must in my area (Graphic Design) because to be a successful designer you need to have up to date knowledge of software and processes. Software lessons do take place in my placement, but so do traditional printing methods such as screen and letterpress printing. I think to make a successful graphic designer today it helps to have a knowledge of technologies and traditional methods.

Technology is all around us, not just the classroom. It has to be part of education, even in Drama. A student may not be successful in the specific area of Drama, but in an associated field, production, editing etc., therefore a knowledge of technology AND Drama will be perfect.

Technology is nothing new in Drama either, think about the invention of cinema and the phrase 'smile for the camera'...

I like your idea Aimee i think it could work really well. Technology if used in the right have amazing benefits generally in the learning environment, however people need to be aware that if used in the wrong way can inhibit students from learning effectively. Surely a solution to some of these problems will be to run extra classes to help students who struggle with certain aspects of technology? I know that this does happen in a number of schools and colleges I have been to and can work very well, or is there other alternatives to this that could work more effectively?

Hi Melissa

Technology within my area is very important in many aspects, for one music programmes where learners can create compositions is beneficial for them to be creative. Also the use of the interactive whiteboard is something i use the majority of the time using different websites to help encourage and develop further learning. There is so much information out in this world that i personally think is very important for learners to discover. If i find a website where i find a good example of the topic that i am currently teaching then i will share this with the learners using the interactive whiteboard. Also if they have ipads then they can use these in my class when i advise them to, in order to come across a good site, the teacher would need to research this.


Hi Melissa,

I think if it is used with purpose and teachers AND learners have an understanding of how and why it works, then it is a great resource. The understanding of the technology is of great importance when promoting inclusive learning. A PowerPoint presentation in class may be great for some learners, but what about those who like to revisit presentations or create their own versions in order for the information to sink in, they need to be able to use the technology to do so in order for it to be successful for the learning that continues outside of the classroom as well as in it.

As mentioned before it is all around us and I'm sure technology will continue to evolve as the years go on. In terms of it being 'too much', I think that depends on the subject area and topic. As you said, in Drama there may not be as much need for technology as in Science for example. I think its important for teachers and learners to know what is out there with regards to technology in their field. In 121 singing lessons for example, I was taught using a few Ipad apps. Some that I found useless and others that I really liked, one in particular showed a picture almost like a heart monitor which up and down with pitch and volume reiterating the storytelling of the song. Having the option to use these apps and the fact that my teacher was up to date with them was great.

The idea that it is giving teachers an easy lesson is arguable. Although it may be less time consuming in the long run (being able to save presentations, notes etc and reuse them in the future) I think the creation process still takes a level of hard work. Most technologies were designed to save us time and make our lives easier so if it is the case that teachers job is eased a little, then I would say that's a good thing.

Hope this helps :)


Learners today live in a world dominated by technology. They are multi-taskers because they have to be. That's why it can be such a challenge to keep their attention. You've got to allow them to feed as quickly as they can. Technology can provide the "learning fields" for them to romp in. We need to blur that line between student/teacher and make it learner/master learner; in essence, we're all in this together. Technology provides a place they can create and publish, leaving a permanent "digital footprint." This also provides your future classes with examples to build on.

Content shouldn't be delivered via technology, but should be discovered together.

For me yes sometime I think it is too much, however within my sector in health and beauty, so we only really use for a PowerPoint on the theory lessons, however the pc is in the salon so it's not such a practical environment, theory lessons are in a class in a different building which is better.
The learners are encouraged to write assignments on a pc and print off, make leaflets and brochure a and 50% of the exams are online, so it's not too heavy. I feel the problem comes when learners have no pc access other than the college, they feel more pressure, and are expected to use them during breaks before or after classes. Some are also not aware of which programmes to use to create the documents, there needs to be more of a balance. And as Anita says it should be just as a learning tool a support of learning.



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