I've been asked by my district to provide some training on the use and implementation of SmartBoards. Unfortunately, I don't really "use" my SmartBoard (it's more of a glorified white board). So, I'm in need of some sites/books to go to for training and advice. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure if you are looking for info on how to use existing smartboards or due diligence in advance of deployment.

If it is the latter, consider this...

What if you could achieve basic smartboard functionality on any kind
of display, using only a $40 Wii video game controller and a few parts
from Radio Shack, instead of forking out $2k-$10k for an off-the-shelf


Full article: http://bit.ly/4B4qyf
Most of the training will be using existing smartboards but we do have a few classrooms without so this might be a good option. Thanks!

My team provides training for all the Smart Board installs in our district. There are many fabulous resources out there, but I think a good place to start might be the Smart Exchange

When I talk with teachers about Smart Boards, I really focus more on the Smart Notebook product rather than the board itself. For me, it helps to think of Notebook as a launching pad for any number of activities. Some basic uses are:
-- archiving notes that can then be made available 24/7 through a website, or printed out as a study guide for students with IEPs
-- manipulative activities: since everything is an object, even written text, sorting and matching can help kenesthetic learners "touch" abstract concepts, like language. For instance, I like writing out a word and then ungrouping it in order to ask students to come up and "pull apart" the pieces of the word that make up the stem, the tense, etc.
-- used in tandem with a document camera, or any digital camera for that matter, Notebook allows you to pull in artifacts, primary source documents, or student work and annotate together as a group. Comm arts teachers love to use this technique to provide some real-time feedback for students during the writing process.
-- and there are any number of interactive websites or programs that work great with a Smart Board -- fly around the world with Google Earth, learn to read with Starfall.com, create 3d structures while discussing measurement with Google Sketchup, and on and on.

Good luck with your presentation!

Thanks! Love the practical nature of your ideas.

Drew has given you some good starting points. I am involved with teacher training for the Smartboard in my school also.

One of my favorite sites is The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.


It is a good site to use for K through 12, and has wonderful math resources.

Another thing, which would be a good investment, is called "Fonts for Teachers". It is a disc of fonts that you can install on the computer. Many of the fonts have the lines for teaching writing skills. Here is the site to see a better explanation.


Hope they help!! Best of luck!

Thanks for the Manipulatives Library. Great site. I will post it on my blog too.
I'll have to check these out - thank you!
Great resource! Thank you!
Over 3500 SMARTBoard users share ideas, lessons, training ideas and Notebook files on the SMARTBoard Revolution Ning. You can see the training forum at http://smartboardrevolution.ning.com/forum/categories/training-reso...

The best Notebook 10 book I know that also has examples is the Simple Smart Skills Volume 2 (Windows or MAC). See info at http://smartboardrevolution.ning.com/forum/topics/smartboard-book-r...

Finally, you could download and use this free Notebook 10 training file at http://smartboardrevolution.ning.com/forum/topics/notebook-10-train...
These are great! Thanks!
Face to face training is always the best solution in my opinion, however there are now some online solutions that make SMART Board training very flexible. http://www.blossomlearning.com is a great resource for SMART Board training. It includes areas to download lesson activities as well as provides a full online course. I also have my own facebook page with great helpful links to everything involving SMART Boards. You should check it out at http://www.blossomlearning.com or http://www.facebook.com/mrsdblossom




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