We posted a discussion earlier about Skype in the classroom, and we did not seem to get a good responce to it and we are wondering if there has been any movements with Skype in education.

Also if anyone would like to Skype with our school we are open to ideas from anyone, keeping it on education ofcoarse.

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Check out http://skypeinschools.pbwiki.com We'd be glad to have you in our group!
This slideshow provides a nice visual story showing Skype as a way to bring authentic voices into the classroom, provide students with opportunities to apply their skills, and bring course content to life with compelling and challenging cross-cultural experiences.
We have a mac lab that could communicate with Skype. It would be interesting to hook up and have a conversation between our kids and yours. What is the grade level and course?
We are 10.11.12 graders
I am a teacher at an elementary school that has a large number of students in our zone far away from our school site. Most of our students are on free or reduced lunch indicating a large amount of poverty in their homes. A continuing problem is lack of parental input in conferences, PTA nights, parent training nights, and so on. Many parents don't have transportation or gas money but they can get to the neighborhood recreation center. We hope to Skype presentations from our school to the center and involve more people.

Has anyone else tried this? My school system currently blocks this site but I hope to convince them there is a growing need for a quality application.
I teach third grade in Southern CA and would like to skype using video. Anyone interested?
Dear Damienne
Congratulations! As you can read from other posts of mine I wasn't too successful with a similar exchange. When did your sessions take place? How about the time shift? How many students were online simultaneously?

I need some more information and first hand experience for my master thesis about "Synchronous eTandem Language Learning among ESL students". Hope to hear from you.
I teach English as a foreign language. A couple of years ago I was on sick leave for quite a long time. My stand-in was not able to assess the students for grading, so I used Skype to assess my students verbal progress. At school they fitted a small room with computer and headset and I had conversations in English with one student at the time. It worked out really well and I felt that many of the students were more outspoken than when I talked to them in person. Of course it was also very nice to speak to them as I was missing them a lot.

My blog.
Please sign up at www.skypeforeducators.com Thanks!
Last Thursday October 8, Jefferson Parish schools participated in Jumpstart's Read for the Record via Skype. 22 high school juniors and seniors readThe Very Hungry Caterpillar to over 60 lower elementary classes. According to surveys that we have sent out, the event was a success. Teachers reported that their students were engaged and enjoyed having older kids read to them.
I am a teacher for students with autism in Miami, FL and we recently began using Skype to connect with another ASD class in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I hope to create a network of teachers for students with autism who would be interested in having our classes join to become one in a rather dynamic and innovative way.
I've been using skype for a while at home to communicate with family and have thought about using it in my classroom. Have a tech committee meeting this morning to discuss its use. I've got a great group of kids this year and would love to use it at some point. I just have to figure out how to turn my camera or video camera into a webcam.



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