Renewable Resources for 5th grade - Technology Integration ideas needed

I am looking for ways to integrate technology into my science unit on renewable resources.  The renewable resources I usually introduce to students are water, fishing and forestry.  According to the outcomes, I need students to be able to describe methods of harvesting or extracting the resource and the impact of resource use on the environment.  Any help would be appreciated!  

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How about a digital story using MS PHotostory 3. The students can be broken up into groups. Each group gets one renewable source. The gather images online, draw some of their own using MS Paint or any other drawing program. They write a script. The images and narration get put together into a movie using the software. It can be published online or just played in class. The other groups can comment on the result and ask questions.

You could connect with another grade 5 class with the same project. You can share your stories on a wiki and allow the students to take part in class discussions.

I may have a grade 5 teacher that would be interested in working with you on this. Just let me know.
Thanks for the ideas. I am not familiar with Photostory so I'd have to do some looking around at that. I would be very interested in working with another class on a project. I teach in British Columbia, Canada. Wondering where your colleague is located?
We are located in Jefferson Township NJ. That is North Western NJ. I have a number of grade 5 teachers that are interested in collaborative global projects.
Some interesting comparisons might result. I am in my second year of a program focusing on teaching and learning with technology and still consider myself a beginner with technology, but not a new teacher. I would love to do a collaborative project. What's the next step?
Our students and teachers return on Sept 2. I will contact a couple of teachers who I think may be interested in working with your class. Once I have a confirmation I can contact you to move forward with planning something.

My email address is Would you mind emailing me your contact information there.
A mind map is always a good way to represent pros and cons. You could try collaborative mind mapping at
Thanks for the suggestion, Jason.
Have you used voice thread?
or - both are great tools for capturing student voice.
I would be interested in a collaborative project - I teach in Auckland New Zealand and have had some students doing some enviro work.
I have played around with voice thread but have not used it in the classroom. Classes return here in BC on Sept.7. I most likely won't have my actual class until the following week (Sept 13th or 15th). I am interested in collaboration. Please email me at Once I have your email, I'll send you a reply with the email account I use most often. Thanks for the response!
You might also be able to do Skype interviews with experts in each field or even just someone who works for one of the industries. You could have students do interviews that they could create as part of a video project too. They could present their research complete with factual information and video clips of an interview they would conduct.



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