I'm looking for an easier, more efficient way to schedule training for teachers.  Right now, it's done by contacting me via email.  I would love to be able to have teachers go online and schedule a day and time that works for them and is visible by everyone.

Does anyone know of a free, web based appointment calendar?


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Have you looked at timebridge? http://www.timebridge.com/
Try looking at Google calendars. I know they have a sharing function and you can have folks sign up and edit their signups as needed. Google Forms are also fun to use to collect info.
I've never used this, but a friend recently suggested it to me: http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/calendar/
I would suggest you consider using Google Docs. You can have a spreadsheet that people can view but not edit (you could let them edit if you want to), and also a Google Forms sheet that they can fill out to reserve an available day and time with you, with a place for comments. The Google Form will automatically update your spreadsheet and include a date and time stamp in case two people request the same time.
Google has a great calendar. You can actually have multiple calendars that you let people see the one you want them to see. Go to youtube and type in Google Calendar and you'll find videos on it.
I'm not sure if you can use Public Folders through your e-mail (we use Exchange). We use them for staff to sign out rooms/resources. It is viewable by everyone and has been very helpful. It also is nice not to have to go through e-mail/phone.

I would also suggest Google calendars. That would have been my second choice if we didn't use Public Folders.
I would agree with those who recommended Google Calendar. There is simply no easier way to manage appointments. I would not recommend using a form/spread sheet as you will have to hand copy the submitted data onto a calendar anyway. I've put together a couple of tutorials on using Google Calendar. You might find them helpful. They will at least demonstrate some of the features of gCal.

Thanks for your tips here. I understand creating and sharing a Gcal, but then, in order to allow users/students to block appointments with me have to have a Google / Gcal account? I don't want them to have to sign up for a new program in order to use my calendar. Any suggestions? Thanks!

(i want to post my availability and have people schedule/choose/block out their appointments with me).

You can set up a "doodle" poll to mutually schedule events. www.doodle.com 

I try to post about many tech and online strategies to help teachers at my facebook and twitter pages for Tips4Teaching, as well (see below).


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