Hello All, I was hoping someone could answer this for me. Has anyone run Windows Movie Maker on a netbook? I am specifically looking at a Windows XP Pro, Atom 1.66 Processor with 2G of Memory. Can the machine handle it?

Anyone have any experience withe the Dell Mini 10?

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I run windows movie maker on my netbook. In fact my netbook an Acer Aspire One handles more than just checking email. I do most of what I need to do. I often compare it with my MacBook and find that I can do a lot. If you conncet it to an eternal monitor it helps if you have a small screen.
Thank you. I appreciate the feedback!

I have used several different netbooks and will have 300 students on them next year. Yes, you can definitely run Movie Maker. As long as you have 2gb or more of memory it should work fine.

There still seems to be an impression out there that netbooks are only made for cloud computing. They do work great for web-based applications but they can handle much more. Today's models are so much more powerful than the first editions..your know, the ones with a really small solid state drive. We run a full image including Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. We even edit audio with Audacity. We just tell the students to have only one or two applications open at a time. If we are editing movies, we only have Movie Maker open.

Hope this helps...


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Thanks, I appreciate the info. I assumed that we would be ok. I am considering a purchase for a grade 3-5 school. Our students produce digital stories and radio broadcasts using movie maker and audacity. I would like them to be able to use these machines for that. We will also be using a number of web apps, interactive sites and MS office.
If you prucahse, get the 10" screen. I have the 7" and it is difficult to see. I use the Acer Asprie one and I am holding out until they come out with a touchscreen. Also check the manufacturers warranty. It is usually 2 years.
I have been prepping one of our new HP mini's with that configuration and when I tested it, Movie Maker ran from start to finish with no issues. I didn't do extensive testing of course, but I created a video with the webcam, fancied it up, and exported. No issues with that small testing, anyway!
I've been using http://jaycut.com/ for quite a while. It's neat, works on the web and has good features, if not extraordinary. Give it a try. :)
Moviemaker, for all the hate, is a really tidy program as far as memory usage goes. It will run pretty well on just about anything. A machine with two gigs is absolutely plenty.
I have Photo Story loaded on our minis and it works well.



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