I am about to start a project using Pinterest with a very culturally and socially diverse class of 16/17 year olds -I'm wondering if there is enough scope in the platform for all students to be able to pursue their specific areas if interest. (They are art and design students researching career aspirations) I'm wondering if anyone else has found this platform limited? Any advice or suggestions of alternatives would be most welcome!

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I really don't like Pinterest; pehaps that's just a personal view but I would much rather students used say-Evernote - for me there is no comparison.

Thanks Colleen - I've never used Evernote, what do you find are the particular benefits for students?

It is very easy to search any notes you have and it is available on any device you own! Something I use every day! Several of my students use it. One can organise notes / research etc into notebooks

I have included some information here.

That's really helpful , many thanks Colleen!



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