Integration of Technology is important for classrooms today and in the future. The idea is not to take away things that are not technology but to use all of the available resources we have. Using all of our resources shows that we are up to learning about new things as well as the old. I am finding that technology is making education more fun for students as well as teachers because it is bringing the hands on approach to the mix. One very cool piece of technology that I feel would make learning more fun for students is Classroom Clickers. Each student in the class would have a wireless handheld response pad, or clicker, with which they are able to answer questions. The teacher would ask a question verbally or through the computer onto a projector or television screen, and the students respond with their handheld device. The links that I have used to research this further are and


In my ideal classroom setting I would integrate classroom clickers by using them to answer questions with vocabulary or finding the correct spelling for a word. What the students would do is pick the best word that corresponds to the meaning in the sentence given on the screen and/or the correct spelling for that word. I would use them to take polls throughout my lessons, even with younger students to see if they are learning the points that are being covered that day. I would also use the clickers to see what students need more guidance (help) with their work and what students understand the lesson. The immediate feedback from the clickers will be both beneficial to me and the students. It will make grading papers go by faster and it will be fun for the students to see if they got the correct answers right away instead of having to wait.


The equipment I would need for my classroom would clickers for every student or wireless handheld response pads. The clickers sell for about $40.00 in stores and on Amazon. I would also need a projector or television screen to project the questions on, especially for elementary aged students, who need to see and hear instruction.


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In most cases I think educators think of clickers as merely a way to take attendance, - when of course there's so much more you can do with them.  I know the Promethean folks have some great stuff that allows you to buy 30 response systems that work in conjunction with their IWB product(s).  I've seen these demonstrated several times and the response from students is great - they love being able to not only answer anonymously - but it also gives the me the teacher the instant assessment I need - without having to single out students, or sit down later and grade quiz after quiz or test after test.  The information can further be saved and documented to share with parents and with the student in a progress meeting.  There's also some efforts to make 'clickability' more feasible by incorporating the technology into smart phones and devices (such as an iPhone or Android device) - by merely going to a website - formatted for use with mobile devices.  Socrative- (and I've played with it a bit) advocates you can "Engage the Class with Any Device".



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