Greetings: I am in charge of creating 2nd & 3rd Social Studies resources for the city, and one need is Kid Pix. I've scoured sites for hours, and I am not making this up--the vast majority of links were all dead. The other sites I found were sites that charged fees. Does anyone know of websites/blogs/wikis/ad infinitum, of multitudes of templates and similar ideas for Kid Pix where the links aren't dead? I'm looking for Egypt, Greece, Roman, Mali, maps, and other sundry skills.

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I have some of what you may be looking for on webpages, but it isn't in KidPix. If I remember correctly, KidPix was a rather limited environment, unless they updated it since I saw it last. I would not easily lead to images for Egypt, Greece, Rom, and Mali .... but there are weblinks for these at
Thanks! Here's a gold star for your crown!
Have you checked out this ning?

I use kidpix a lot, and I know what you mean about finding a lot of dead links. I haven't come across anything specific to your topic, but maybe finding a photo (Egypt, Greece, etc.), importing it, and having the student add text to describe it...or import a photo of themselves to look like they were there...or making a "postcard" with a photo and description of the place? Good luck!
Brilliant! My colleagues will love your idea!

I am retired, so if you need more stuff found, let me know and I'll see what's new out there.

If you have powerpoint or a presentation software, you could have the kids left click on pictures, save them to disk or harddrive, and import them into the presentation and add their text. If you have a lab, they can all do it at once, if only a single computer, they can take turns. It's up to you and them how much of background and text size and style you want them to get into.

I am working at creating or finding Kidpix templates for Science and History for grades K-5.  If you have any to share, please share.  I did figure out how to add my own backgrounds into Kidpix so I can add maps for students to label.  

Here is 1 website with ideas that might help at



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