I am having a hard time finding websites that are .edu or .org  all I can find are .com.  I can only use those website addresses that end in edu or org for my research.  Can anyone help me learn how to find them, or know of good websites I can use on World History?  Thank you all in advance for your help.

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Go to the Advanced Search and type in the field "one or more of these words" type .edu and .org. Then the Advanced Search button at the bottom. This should help.
Dear Teresa,

Are you looking for K-12 websites or College websites?

I can provide links to lists for every public and private school and links that list the websites for every college.

I prefer not to advertise these links.....it took a lot of surfing time to gather them.

I was looking for sites I could use in a research paper, not any specific school. My history teacher said we could use only edu. or org. websites, I ended up using none, just books. Thank you.
I'm including a screen shot of Google.

This is how I would search for information generated by K-12 NJ school web sites. You can replace the two-character state NJ with other state abbreviations. This is the same place you would type EDU. Don't forget, outside the US you might find useful sites for other opinions outside the US for example AC.UK for higher ed in the UK. Replace UK with two-character country domains or SCH.UK for K-12 schools in other countries.

Another helpful hint is to ask for PDF files or Flash files only.

This is useful because people generally save documents as PDF files when they feel they have a good final copy. The Shockwave Flash option might be more useful when searching .org

Good luck with your searches!
Hey Ann,

I have never used "Advanced Search", I'll add it to my toolbox.

Please note that most schools use the endings "k12.NJ.us" BUT some do not.....I would estimate that 20% of the schools that I have communicated with, use different domain endings: org / com.

WHY? Beats me!

I think that public schools mostly use the k12.xx.us. I would imagine private schools use the org and com domain endings. Glad to help you with a new tool in the toolbox.
Thank you, everyone. My technology teacher was suppose to go over some of this stuff, but we didn't have time to. I appreciate everyone help on this.



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