I need some help. I recently was the recipient of a $1000 award for teaching and can use the money however I would like, as long as it's in the classroom. I don't have much technology in the class right now, other than an Elmo and a projector. Should I use the money to buy a few netbooks, digital cameras, what do you think? I'm open to trying anything so any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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Definitely, a digital camera, and a good desktop computer to plug it into and make stuff. A speech reader is a nice way to add sound to the Internet. Consider getting a large screen for the computer, since you don't have enough money to afford a smart board. I don't know what iPods cost, but I understand they are useful for the kids, so if you can afford some, it may be a good investment. Good luck!
I've got a decent desktop computer and I also forgot to mention that I've got a wiimote whiteboard set up. Sorry, I should've mentioned that earlier.
I would invest in 2 or 3 flip type video cameras and 2 or 3 digital cameras. I would buy a good quality mike. That would take you to approximately $800.00 or so. I would then perhaps look at Digital school collection from Adobe comes with lesson plans as well (approx $100). While this setup is not condusive to a class of 20 students this set up will allow your students to find new ways of expressing themselves and then once you show your administration the amazing things that you can do with this perhaps they would look at getting more.
I have all the technology any one could want computers, cameras, video, GPS, but one thing that has made a huge difference to some kids in my class is a class library full of new books including the latest series and favorite authors. I have some kids who have become 'readers' because of our excitement about books.
I also vote for the flip camera and a set of digital cameras. I am trying to get my school to puchase 10 digital cameras right now to house in our computer lab so students can check them out for a variety of projects - newsletters, online magazine writing, digital story telling, etc. I teach fourth grade.

Eve Heaton
Thanks for all the input, it is very appreciated.
Get a Flip camera. It is so easy to use and has built in UBS and software, so it makes it a snap to upload to your computer. I taught my students how to make videos with it. i would also invest in some headsets with microphones for the students to use for recording VoiceThreads, making Vokis, or placing Skype calls.

Congratulations and enjoy.
Paula Naugle



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