Free editing tools that work well with screencasting captures?

Hi everyone! I've been blogging this month about looking for tools that allow me to capture, edit, and distribute tutorial videos. There's plenty of tools that let me capture video, but I want to be able to stream together multiple clips to produce videos. I was sure I'd be able to do this with Windows Movie Maker, but I lose video quality as soon as I open a clip. Anyone else experience this sort of thing? I put this post up about, which goes into the issue in more detail. If anyone has any insights, I'd love to hear them! Thanks.

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I would like to know these answers also. I'm looking forward to replys.
Use Screentoaster to capture your video/audio, then store it on their servers or download it to your computer for editing. You can also use Embedr to make video playlists for free.
Thanks Chris. Unfortunately, the "editing" capabilities in Screentoaster only appear to be for things like titles and such, not true video editing capabilities (like trimming, combining video clips, etc.) for video production purposes. I'll take a peek at Embedr though - I hadn't come across that yet.
Have you tried Jing?
Yeah, Laurie, I started this whole process with testing and posting about Jing, which I like, but it doesn't allow real editing (trimming clips, combining clips, etc.), and I experienced the same issues with video created in Jing and then pulled into Movie Maker as I did with Debut - a significant loss of resolution quality.
Try using Microsoft Producer
Free to use but you must have a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint
try using Microsoft Producer
free to use but you must have a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint
Check out my article

Hope this helps
Thanks Marcus - I read your article and Producer looks real interesting, I'm definitely going to check it out. I wonder if I'll run into the same issue though (loss of resolution when pulling in video clips, resulting in final videos in which you can't read the screen text)? Guess I'll have to experiment and see.
Try faculte it may be what you are looking can create multi media presentations, annotate etc.
Hi Jamie - Yeah, I'm familiar with Faculte. It's good some nice functionality, but unfortunately, it's proprietary - that is, the videos live on their site only, and the free version only allows up to 200 views. I also don't think it let's you combine multiple clips to produce a final product.
ry faculte it may be what you are looking can create multi media presentations, annotate etc.
What file type are you capturing to? There's no reason you should be losing quality just by importing unless you are capturing to an odd file type or resolution.

That said, Office 2010 has built in screen capture software. The beta is currently free. I haven't played with that feature yet but I'd think it would do what you're looking for.
So far, I've tried .wmv and .mp4, and both of these files instantly lossed resolution quaility as soon as I opened them in Windows Movie Maker. I'm going try a bunch of other formats, encodings, and tools this weekend to see if I can work around this. Didn't know about the screen capture capabilities in Office 2010, although someone here mentioned a Microsoft tool ("Producer") that works together with Powerpoint to enable video production. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of time this weekend learning more about all of this stuff, continuing to search for the right free editing tool that provides the final piece of the solution to enable some decent video production using free apps.



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