I just finished a two part blog posting series, looking into a handful of free online interactive whiteboard tools, at www.emergingedtech.com/?p=314. There are a number of really good tools out there that will work well in a classroom with a projector and a few computers, without having to buy a proprietary piece of hardware. Great stuff, especially in these budget bashing times!

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Hi Kelly. I looked at both of your blog posts. I had not previously heard of any of the products that you featured. I don't have a interactive whiteboard (a commercial one that is), and because of their high costs I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon! I set up a "Wiiboard" in my classroom and it has worked very well. I can easily see myself using imaginationcubed or one of the other products in conjunction with my wiiboard.
Hadn't heard about the "Wiiboard" idea - I'll have to check that out. Thanks John!
You can always try out the Smoothboard software for it adopts the low-cost principle. With its constant improvisation on the features, its really benefits us in the education field.
A few more here:
* Edusim - http://edusim3d.com
* Kindlelab - http://kindlelab.com
http://www.scriblink.com/ is also good.

There is a wiiboard link I posted recently on my blog...

I am not sure if that would fit to your list but we have a whiteboard tool in our online School :)
http://supercoolschool.com/ // it costs 15$/month
Wow - SuperCoolSchool looks pretty cool! I took a quick peek, but I'll be checking it out further. Thanks for the info!
http://penteractive.us/ for the Wii application

I have a blog you can view as well http://edutechintegration.blogspot.com



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