Federal Stimulus Funds Available For Gifted & Talented Services And Programs

Gifted education supporters should be advocating with their local school district leaders to spend a portion of the federal stimulus money to support gifted and talented programs and services.

The U.S. Department of Education has begun to distribute funds for K-12 and higher education, and at least two of the funding streams -- the State Stabilization Fund and Title I funds -- could be used to suport gifted education students.

Stabilization funds can be used to restore budget cuts and teacher positions, or the funds could be used to expand or create new services.
Title I funds can be used to support gifted students from low-income families.
Additionally, gifted education advocates should know that $100 million in stimulus funds will support Teacher Quality Partnership grants in Title II of the Higher Education Act, which will require university teacher preparation programs to increase new teachers' exposure to the needs of gifted and talented students.

Below is a link to a memo with more details to help you with your advocacy.

Memo: http://www.nagc.org/uploadedFiles/Advocacy/Stimulus%20memo%20for%20...(April%202009).pdf

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Broken link--see memo here
Thanks for fixing this. Cybergremlins have job security....
I had heard the the stim money was for new programs only which is great but after the stim money stops (2 years?) districts will have to support those initiatives. Is that true?
Like the Education Stabilization Fund, ARRA Title I money is one-time funding.
We'll it's a lose-lose situation, our district will not be able to fund new programs in two years. Hopefully gifted will continue to be provided in our state.



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