I will be presenting a workshop on Favorite Web 2.0 Tool for the Classroom. If you had to choose your favorite Web 2,0 site to use in the classroom, what would it be? It could be for both students and/or educator (K-12).. I appreciate your assistance.

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Without a doubt, http://bighugelabs.com/
Thanks for sharing this Brian.. I can't believe I had never heard of this site!! It is in my favorites now...
I love Glogster. It's a great tool for creative expression as well as for presenting the kids' knowledge and ideas. Fun graphics, lots of choices, and you can insert audio, video, links, etc. You can embed a glog in a blog (!) and you can open accounts for all of your students under your teacher account. Love it. I just gave a presentation at a conference on Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. My glog for this presentation is available at: http://nockarock.edu.glogster.com/web-20-tools-/ Also, for me, the best professional development tool has been my blog. Starting my own blog got me reading other blogs, and I have learned so much about teaching and 21st century literacies. I feel like I'm part of a community of bloggers who all have so much to teach one another. My blog: http://somenovelideas.typepad.com. I would love to chat further with you about your workshop. Let's share resources!
I took your advice and linked immediately to Gloster and in 7 minutes I opened an account and began designing a Glog that includes images, a video, an audio clip, and a web link for use in my online course. In only 7 minutes! I am not exaggerating either..no disclaimers needed. I consider myself an intermediate user of instructional technology and this was my first visit to Glog. I am not even sure what I will do with my Glog now that I've created it..... But it is a visual repository of the topics I plan to present in this week's online class. So there, I've got it, an overview of the week's lesson plan for my home page...... I like it.

I had never heard of glogster previous to this posting. Wow! What an incredible tool! I have fifth graders, so I'm always looking for ways to make my site more appealing and accessible. Thanks for the tip!

I definitely agree - starting my own blogs (professional and classroom) has opened up a lot of fantastic ideas of how to use Web 2.0 tools to enhance my teaching and student learning.
Hi - what did you decide to use in your presentation? I am doing something similar in a few weeks.
Hi Donna,

Gosh what to show...I decided to create glogster and paln on showing quite a few things on it then give the participant time to explore. I have my workshop today after school....

I've put together a Sqworl about the Web 2.0 tools I like to use with kids for read/la class. Here is the link http://sqworl.com/mm2u21
Hope it is useful to you.

Heidi Morgan
I would have to say the Google Apps Suite:

Google Docs
UpToUs is a great tool for K-5 - it is for educators and parents. UpToUs (www.uptous.com) is a solution that helps to privately organize classrooms. The site is simple and provides access to many tools such as classroom calendar with auto-reminders, parent directory, multiple collaborative volunteer sign-up sheet templates, photo sharing, file sharing, etc...
I think I would have to go with VoiceThread. It has been a fantastic tool for challenging my students - especially my ELLs. I've had students use it to practice using figurative language, present research on science units, and to comment on readings. I'm still exploring other uses for the tool, but you can check out how a few of my students have used it here.
I have not used sliderocket with students much, but I do like it as an alternative to Power Point...if for no other reason than I can work on it online at home (where I do not have the PPt program).



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