I am looking for help if anyone might be able to give it.

I am a K-4 Technology teacher in Nebraska and looking for help in designing lesson plans to form a more relevant curriculum.

I see my students for 30 minutes once a week and due to the number of classes, I am not able to work with them in the classroom.

It's been difficult for me to design lessons that I think are relevant and teach them skills they can use where we have such a short time per week and it often feels like I am starting over each time.

I would be interested in anyone sending me your lesson plans or if you have  website where you post your assignments for students.

I am willing to share what I have done, but with the disclaimer that they are not perfect in any way, shape, or form.

To clarify, I would LOVE if someone would share lesson plans for both learning and comparison on my part.  Anything would be helpful, especially if you have a similar set-up and schedule to mine.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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My website www.mrcasal.com breaks out what I do by grade. Each grade has it's own page with a general curriculum outline for the year.

I only see classes once a week too, so I try to give them the basic skills that are transferable between applications (saving and opening work, inputing information, formatting their work, basic Google searches for information and pictures, etc).

Hope that gives you some ideas. I've been doing it for 8 years so my "lesson plans" have devolved into simple shorthand since I re-use so many from year to year. If I can dig up the original, clean and neat ones I'll forward them along...
Part of the problem I have is the limited time and the fact there is soooo much out there that you could do.

I have been using the ISTE six strands since I started and trying to get as much in as I can. Thanks for sharing and I will be checking out your site ASAP.
On the same note, would you possibly be up for having your students work with my students either pen-pals or on a wiki or something? I think my kids would love it!
I'd be up for doing some collaborative class work. We are about to get ePals email for my 3rd-5th graders. Do you guys have email? We could set up a wiki too.

I'd be up for trying something out with 1 class, see how it goes (I have 10 classes between 3-5).

Maybe something basic to get started, a simple theme like "where we are" to share the experiences of our different cities and find out about other locations?
I teach k-5 computer class. I see each class once a week for 30-50 minutes. This is my sixth year. I have posted nearly 75 of my lessons on my website. In general, I spend K and 1st grade working consistently on typing and word processing skills. By the end of 1st grade I want them comfortable and competent on the keyboard. 2-5 I move into a broader spectrum of skills and focus on connecting classroom curriculum to technology. This is done primarily through projects of durations ranging from 3 to 9 sessions. For example when 2nd graders do our "kindness" unit, I break out the cameras and have the kids take pictures of kindness acts and then use those to create a "Kindness" comic strip with Comic Life. When 3rd graders do "City Wildlife", we do research, collect animal images and create a narrated slideshow. If you want a more relevant computer curriculum, get to know the units of every grade level and develop lessons to coincide with them. A file server that students can store their in-progress work is crucial to meaningful projects. This year I purchased a Dell server and installed Ubuntu Linux as an intranet webserver. I used some open source web scripts that gives every one of my 4th and 5th grade students their own website. I created a year or more worth of assigments for each grade level to complete and use to build their website portfolio. They love the challenge, the results, and their technical skills grows by the week. You can have a look at my site for some ideas, feel free to borrow and adapt. K-5 Computer Lab
Thanks a bunch. Is there a site that features websites like yours? I haven't come across anything yet that showcases teacher sites with lessons on them.
You might want to think about joining http://elementarytechteachers.ning.com/ and checking out the activities posted on https://computerlabactivities.wikispaces.com/
I teach K-6 lab. I use www.cybersmart.org and www.netsmartz.org for all my online safety lessons. They r two amazing resources.
My website is:

You will find many lessons that include technology component, especially look under the University of Winnipeg tab.



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