I'm looking for links to good sites with Differentiated Instruction ideas! I have a few at the moment and find that I'm overusing some of the ideas. Anything you have in the area would be greatly appreciated. Also, if these links are to best practices they would (obviously) be very beneficial! thanks in advance...

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I can show you how I do it. I do two weeks of mostly undifferentiated instruction followed by a quiz. Students who show mastery on the quiz then choose their next week of work from the assignments listed on my website ( Those scoring below 80% get small group instruction and remediation from me directly while the others are working on their packets.

This has proven to me to be the most efficient way of getting some differentiation into my classroom. Everything else I've tried has fallen flat on its face.
Jason---I have a website that might help, I started out putting together some differentiated ideas. The "kids" section is old so you might find some broken links. I planning to steal (with permission) Kev's format and start putting together some ideas for my gifted classroom.

I came across this article which might be useful. I think just thinking about each of the three different ways to differentiate: Product, Process or Content can inspire trying different approaches. 



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