Is it me or is this place increasingly becoming a target for sales pitches?

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I try to catch these, to send a thoughtful note to the poster, but to delete them when I see them. Please feel free to point them out to me if I don't catch them.

I don't mind the process for helping people to understand the nature of the site. The ones that really bother me are the "essay writing" services. Do they have any idea where they are posting??!!

P.S. I haven't read the SchoolCenter thread, but I can say that there is a fine line that goes on. I want educators to be able to independently review commercial products here. I also want commercial vendors to be able to participate here as individuals. So it might be expecting too much for them *not* to respond when something that relates to their business comes up. I am getting on an airplane, but I'll try to come back quickly to this thread and see what your specific concerns are and what we might come up with as a community that is reasonable and keeps CR 2.0 relevant.
I agree about the fine line and I am not talking about that thread in particular, rather in more general terms. (By all means, read the thread though)

I agree that vendors should be able to respond to anything involving their business.

I recently started a thread about Internet safety that was immediately hijacked by a huge image of a product, and a long post extolling the virtues of this Internet safety DVD. Looking at the author's posts, I saw that every post was extolling this product. I deleted the thread.

In many other cases I have checked the post of several other authors promoting products in a thread, and found that every single thread they had contributed to offered their product as a solution.

I run a discussion community myself, and I know how tough this can be. I have had my share of attempts to spam the site. I allow people to mention their product. Indeed, they can even pitch their product once in a selected area, provided they contribute to the site in ways other than promoting their product. They are welcome to put a modest signature with a link on their posts. When I see that all or most of their posts are in some way sales pitches, I draw the line.

I know that my threshold for such is probably lower than most people. I'd like to hear what others think.
I agree that there are some which can be a bit much, but I do look to this site for info on new products and offerings. I hope this can continue. I have learned alot here and feel that most of us can tell the "difference" and deal with it on our own. I also enjoy the feedback on some of these products from the members! If they come here, they have to listen to what we have to say! :)

I have a site, albiet free, and have promoted it and what I do here. I think there is a place for free and commercial info here as long as it is balanced and not misleading.

Thanks for the discussion point!

We do have a commercial policy that is linked in the welcome message on the front page:

In the future, if you feel someone is using the site for promotional purposes, don't feel you have to delete the thread, but let me know and I'll contact the person making the posting. I can delete individual posts, so usually what I'll do is delete the offending post and then send a message to the poster inviting them to stay in the community, but to abide by the policy.

Hi, Steve,

Good thread. I create tutorials Moodle tutorials for a large Moodle partner and I have refrained from linking to them because they are intended, in part, to attract new users to our community. We are totally up front about this, but it can still be off-putting to some, I know.

I really do think it is a good idea to discuss this sort of thing in the community. It's great that you have brought this up.

A thought---there is a lot more to sell these days. It'll be interesting to see whose product is here a year from now. I've already noticed that several "next greatest things" are "next greatest thing gone".
Well, this is a thin line. Being myself CEO of FLOSS company specialized in Large Scale + Education, and rnew to the Classromm 2.0 community, I would like to comment this discussion ;-)

I think that helping others is the key here : does the reply help others ? Commercial is not necessarily evil or is a necessary evil depending on your point of view.

This being said, I think that promoting products/services should be done via insightful advices, not via SPAM-like techniques.

I would be interesting to define a guideline for this type of things : posting policy for commercial products ?
Hi, Ben! Glad to have you participating.

Check out

This link is given in the welcome note on the front page. Let me know what you think.


Yep, that's excellent ! Well balanced but clear for "hamelessvendorpromotions" (

On another level, because this group as so few people (15) I think that this is a very clear message that the vast majority of the Classroom2.0 Members (let's see 15/13111 -> 99.89%) are ... not interested in commercial sollicitation. Any vendor should then follow the rules or ... be banned.

Any way that theses rules can be "accepted" by new members ?



Win at School

Commercial Policy

If you are representing a commercial entity, please see the specific guidelines on your participation.





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