I would like to know positive and negative experiences teachers have had with using Acer netbooks in the classroom

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I have an HP netbook now and I absolutely love it.  It does everything I need it to do; which is write, surf the web, and other homework needs. I work at an electronics store and we sell the Acer netbooks and I have to say I am not impressed with their quality.  I had a regular Acer laptop and after one year my display went out.  Other issues you may find with Acers are easily crashing hard drives, slow processors, and over all poorly made equipment that is much less durable than other brands. My coworkers that specifically work in the computer department would be the first to tell you this.  These netbooks will do okay to get you by for about a year, but after that you'll probably be looking for something new.  I would recommend Asus or HP for your netbook, the extra cost is worth it!
Thank you very much for your advice.
I have been using Acer netbooks in my high school social studies classes for over a year now.  I love them.  I have had no proglems with them.  They do everything I need them to do, word processing, internet, etc.  The only limitations I have is software.  I teach 6 classes a day with about  students per class.  They have had lots of use with no problems other than fingerprints. 

I think it is unfortunate that netbooks got shoved aside so quickly. I have 6 in my classroom now (2 Acer, 2 HP) and I absolutely love them. The biggest advantage is their excellent battery life. I can charge them overnight and then they will run all of the next day as long as I have power-saving on.  I was lucky to get a full period out of my laptops. They run everything you could want them to and really only chug with video editting. Do note that they don't usually have a disc drive so software must be downloaded or installed via an external drive. Small price to pay. Other teachers have complained that they are too small but my kids haven't said a word. They are used to reading pages on their smart phones so a 10 inch screen sure isn't going to bother them.


On the quality issue, I haven't had a single problem with my Acer and I've had mine for over two years.



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