My students have created a fourth grade writing blog. The blog is used for students to publish writing that is a work-in-progress or ready to be published. Please read frequently and commment. They have set the goal to reach readers in all seven continents. I would love to hear what other teachers are doing with Web 2.0 at the elementary level.

If you get a chance, stop by the blog and check out our new fancy header!

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I just commented on a post there and then shared it with my twitter friends! The writing at that level is so funny, it's refreshing to read after trying to wade through my google reader......
"it's all about me!" is the motto I follow when I want students to use web 2.0 and it has to center around the students. I have a website where I post the compositions they create in the music room (I am a music teacher) They have to have a purpose to use web 2.0. Fourth grade students start to comment on older students compositions, then they create their own compositions, and comment on each others. Students comment constantly, in class and at home. I keep track of how well they comment and the comments they make. It is a wonderful time to talk about proper webiquette. I have found a lot of spelling mistakes, so I will add an additional blog site for misspelling, with an award added feature. You can view the website on:
I will forward your post to some of our fourth grade teachers and see if they want to have their students comment on your blogs. They also blog and would love for your students to comment.
I left comments for the top 2 students on the blog site that didn't have any comments yet. I know how they love to see if anyone responded to them. You can let the students know that a teacher in the midwest read their entries!
Thanks so much for commenting! I fear that some are becoming more fascinated with the maps where everyone is than the actual writing. One of them did write a pretty powerful piece called "Freedom" that is listed in the older posts section. It's definitely worth a read.
If you have the inclination, skill and a server you can do your own thing with Drupal. Here is our class blog--everyone has their own blog, no email, and it is safe and easy to monitor. My blog is on the front--see Recent Posts to see what kids are saying.
Nancy, I had a quick look at your class blog. I noticed one kid saying that he didn't know what to blog about.

I had a thought about that. We offer an electronic Multicultural Calendar for intranets. We basically re-purposed the data from the paper calendar, now in its 17th edition. It's been a great teaching aid for many schools, boards, teachers, as well as supporting organizational diversity initiatives.

I created a demonstration calendar for Classroom 2.0 which you are more than welcome to use as an idea generator for your bloggers.

It's here.

There's a great blogging topic on the calendar for today, Oct 15th -- Blog Action Day '09 - Climate Change.
Thanks, the calendar is a good idea for prompts. We also use appropriate RSS feed for kids (left hand colum) and creative writing prompts (right hand column).
Your blog is blocked at my school, but I will be sure to check it out when I get home. Would you want to do some sort of online collaboration? I have 16 gifted 4th graders who are dying to work with another class.
Aaron, I am surprised A Really Different Place is blocked since there is no indication in the URL that it is it a blog. Will your district unblock appropriate sites? We went through this will our district four years ago but now very few things are blocked.

Hmmm, let me give it some thought and tell my co-teacher you are interested. Do your kids want to blog? I also have a blog set up that one day I hope to use for kid's book reviews. You guys could write and publish book reviews. I'm eventually going to have the kids read reviews and use "how to write a book review" before I have the kids do it.
Your site is working now. Our new security filter our district now uses has been a real pain this year. You never know if things will work or not.
I was thinking that maybe our students could collaborate and write a story, poem, play, etc. online. We could branch them into groups and maybe one day one of my students submit a part of the story, then the next time your student adds to the story, etc. Along the way students could post comments back and forth to offer advice, suggestions, words of encouragement, etc.



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