Has anyone heard of different ways of teaching math to computer science students.

I stumbled across some theories on how people who are natural at computer science have a different way they comprehend and absorb math.

Curious on everyones thoughts?

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This sound interesting. Can you explain the theories or link to something about them?
Funny, back in the day, you couldn't get a degree in CS at the worlds foremost CS schools; people who wanted to study CS got math degrees.

The only thing I can think of is that you mean software and media developers not computer scientists. In this case, I can believe it, just as we had a Physics for Poets class. Coding to me is more akin to woodcarving or painting than to engineering. It takes a really focused eye, a lot of craftsmanship

I'd be interested, too, to see the research.
Another way to learn math is to use Vedic math techniques. It's like speed math and I think it would be valuable because if you can do speed mathematics, maybe that would translate to developing speedy computer science techniques.
I've just created a new site for teaching math using Google Earth. RealWorldMath.org is dripping with Instructional Technology. Read the "About" page and you will see what I was hoping to create. Project-based learning and active learning are key components of my lessons. I wanted to put math back into a discovery mode of learning. The teacher provides the dots and the students connect them. This may be totally out of what is appropriate for your students but it could give you an idea on how to approach math from a different angle.

Hope this helps, tom
This is really funny, I just found realworldmath.org in a tweet from a teacher in NB Canada. The site's only a few hours old and already is spreading around the globe. Congrats.

It's a very cool idea. One that I wish I knew about when I was teaching area of complex shapes to the grade 5s during my practicum last month. Thanks for building it.



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