I am interested in studying computer lab spaces / layouts within schools. I would like to know if any of you would / could send me pictures of your computer lab layouts / spaces. I would also like pictures of the pictures / artifacts that are hanging on the walls in the computer lab.

Thank you for responding and considering this request.

PS - attach pictures here (others may be interested in seeing)

James Folkestad
Colorado State University

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I teach elementary gifted kids and some days have to drag them away from computers...our latest finds 2007 are Scratch, Alice, Google Earth, Google Docs. We also blog and have done an online book discussion using Moodle and a Pirate Wiki this semester---- We stay busy. N

Thank you for sharing your pictures. I like the panoramic image that you created. I want to create one of those of my lab. How did you create this image? Thank you for posting your images here.

I stood in one location and took pictures while turning 360 degrees and finding points that overlap in each picture. The first set of photos I took was at eye level, then I pointed my camera 45 degrees upward and repeated the process. Next, I did the same with shots toward the floor. After uploading the photos, I just dragged them into Publisher and positioned them to where they overlapped. I saved as a jpeg and cropped in an image editor.
Everyone- Please consider joining my K-8 Computer Lab Flickr Group and share photos of your lab.
This is my first year teaching, and thus I had no idea what to do for my new computer lab. I was given a blank page and allowed to do just about anything I wanted to do. I created my computer destination, from scratch.

I enjoy surfing, and visit surf shops all the time. One shop was going out of business so I purchased some of their fixtures and added them to my new classroom and functional decor. I think there is a lot of great furniture out there, why do most schools use the same boring furniture? So it will LAST? For gosh sakes, how long do we want it to last, 10 years? Nevertheless, I will post some before and after photos. I believe a classroom needs to be a destination where students want to be. It should be fun and exciting, and a place that will foster creativity, exploration and learning. Again this is my very first classroom, so it can only get better. I've been teaching for 6th months.

Let me know your thoughts.

Mr. Bentz
Computer Teacher
Gompers Preparatory Academy in San Diego, CA USA
Video of my classroom : http://www.gomperscharter.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=110349&a...




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