Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone out there has a good lesson planner/calendar software or online application to prepare "lesson plans" or what I would call the weekly schedule of what I plan to teach for the next week. I have tried several different paper plan books and a few electronic ones, but none have really worked very well. I am currently using Outlook, and it does about 1/2 of what I want, I simply don't have enough space show up on the daily view to print out what is going to happen that day. Right now we have to have hard copy of the weekly plan, so that if the principal want to look at the plan books he can or for substitutes when I have a PET. Thanks for any help -- Harold

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Hi - I try a repost on my original question...does anyone know of a web app or software that I can use for classrom planner/organizer. Outlook does about 50% of what I would like, just not enough space in the daily planner to show the whole lesson. Thanks Harold
Hi Harold~

I have started a company that might help address your need; we're not officially launching until next week while we shear do some final testing, but it's all opened up on the web now at http://ChitCh.at, so you could check it out. Let me tell you why I think this *might* be useful for you, and I'd love to hear your feedback either way.

ChitChat is an "educational network" that gives teachers a space on the web to post course content so students (or, as you suggest, principals or subs) can see what's going on in class. But it's not just Word documents; the content allows student replies, comments, and is shareable around all the teachers on ChitChat, so if you find something another teacher has created that you'd like to use, you just check a box to add it to your class.

You can see all the details at the site linked above, but here's why I think this might be useful for you: you could post your course content up fairly easily, and we have convenient "print" links so you or whomever needs to can print everything as necessary. And if you decide you want to use it for more -- like having students reply online -- it's perfectly easy.

Once you've watched the introductory video at the main site, you could view the main syllabus for a lit class I'm setting up here: http://www.chitch.at/post/167.

Anyway, that's my main suggestion. I'll also let you know -- to give a fair-and-balanced look -- that many teachers have started using sites like HotChalk, which are less focused on content and more focused on process: they do a lot of scheduling and give you a gradebook, but don't let you freely post content, and certainly don't have web 2.0-style social networking value. But if you don't like ChitChat, that's somewhere else you could try. Good luck! -Jack
Thanks Jack - I will take a look at the site and see how it works and I will let you know. :)
Have you tried Assign-A-Day. It is a resource found on http://4teachers.org/ . This is a great site and has many useful applications. Hope this helps you out!
LMS - Kay
My experience has been that general day-planner software suits my needs best. You might look that way instead of specialized teacher planner applications which I have personally found wanting or unbearably clunky (with the caveat that I have not looked in a few years).

I have had to look around quite a bit to find one that does exactly what you are specifying--giving enough space to include the whole lesson.

You might want to poke around the options in your print dialogue box and see if there are other options. I currently use iCal, a Mac application bundled with the OS. I had similar problems until I found the print "list view" option as opposed to "day view" in the print dialogue box. I suspect such options existed in software I had rejected, but I didn't find them. You might also find some options in the preferences that may help. Wish I could be more specific--I just don't have Outlook.
Have you ever tried Oncourse? Oncourse is an electronic lesson planner that is online and can be shared between teachers if you have a network. Our parish uses it and it is AWESOME!! Check out our homepage and the link to the site: http://www.vrml.k12.la.us. Click on the link on the left side of the page or go to http://www.oncoursesystems.com/ to see all they have to offer. Parents can even check homewok from home. The teacher can post thier own mini-website as well as upload documents such as study guides! This site also has a wonderful staff to help if you have problems or questions!
Olivia - thanks I will look at the sites they sound very interesting and let you know. Harold
Hey Harold,

Have you tried google calendar. I have used it somewhat successfully in giving a brief outline for students for the week ahead. Parents appreciate the ability to see what their child needs to be prepared for, and my principal likes the idea of having a plan online, but still wants a book so he can review it at his discretion.

Hope this helps.

I create Powerpoints of my weekly agenda to post on my website that students and parents can access. I print them in outline format, which would be suitable to give to a principal. What I like best about this method is that I can include almost all the handouts and instructions students need if they are absent. Also, I have found it easy to adjust daily after school and re-post if I need to make changes during class. I'll post an example. I use a lot of art in my classes and I have found putting the art on the Powerpoints to be an efficient way to combine everything I need for the week in one place.



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