Any teachers out there have smartboards ? How are you using it? Do you find it helpful as a teaching resource?

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I have a smartboard and I think it is a great tool for learning in my classroom. We have recently started using a new Language Arts curriculum in my district and as a kindergarten team we have created smartboard interactive lessons that goes along with each day of instruction. This smart board lesson is used as the teacehrs guide rather than using the manual, it is used as the students guide to interaction and learning. The students are able to come up and participate in the lesson by placing words with pictures, moving pictures into charts, writing activities and other things as well. I think this is one of the greatest technology pieces that have been put into our classrooms. I find it keeps my students engaged and it helps with teaching to students individual learning styles and needs. It is a visual tool, an auditory tool for listening to clips and songs that go along with the lesson. It is also tactile where the students are manipulating the objects on the screen. We also use it for math and have found some great online websites that allow for the use of the smartboard as an interactive tool for counting, adding, subtracting, keeping time and other things as well. All in all I find it to be more than just a document camera in my classroom and the students enjoy using it as well.

I love my smartboard and use it on a regular basis in my classroom.  One program that I use the most on smartboard is smartnotebook.  I am able to convert a PowerPoint version of our textbook into smartnotebook which allows me to write directly on the page and I could choose to save things on the page as well.  I often times will add a timer to certain pages where I know students will be working collaboratively for a certain amount of time.  I can also insert a blank page, table, or picture after a problem in the book in which I know I will need extra working space.  It has great tools that I use in my math class.  I already mentioned the timer which is used regularly, there are also grid paper backgrounds, dice, spinners, and a random name generator to keep the students engaged.  The program is user friendly, most of the things that I use I found by simply playing around in the notebook or learned from fellow colleagues.

Hi Rich,

I have a SmartBoard in my classroom and I love it! I use it multiple time a day. During Reading lessons, I use it to display graphic organizers. I can introduce how to complete it, we can work on it together, or we can review what we did. I also have a document camera which allows me to connect it to the smartboard and display the books we are reading so the whole class can see them larger. During Math, it allows for the students to be completely hands on with their learning. It allows for me to be in front of the class, leading the instruction, but also allows for the students to come up and interact with the instruction before working on it in small group or independently. I also use "Class Dojo" as behavior management system, and I leave it up on my smartboard during the day. I am able to add points to students who earn them and take away point to students who are not making the right decisions. It is very visual for my special education students and has done wonders with their behavior,


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can't wait to get home tonight and read through these posts.  I have a Smart Board in my room and I use it daily, but mainly as a projection of the computer.  (So we're all on the same page.)  I will be the first one to stand and admit that I am not using it nearly to it's potential! 

i personally do not have a smartboard in my classroom, and i wish i did.  I think the group of students i have would benefit so much from it.  Other teachers in my school have it and use it very regularly.  I would love to know what subject material it could be best used for?

We had our Smartboard in our classroom for a year. The high tech lessons that are delivered via the Smartboard are exciting. It's exciting for the kids and the teachers who use it. We also have a document camera mounted to it which it that much more fun to use. We show our students we videos via Brainpop everyday based on the Common Core skills being presented. Next year we go wireless enabling us to magnify lessons, interactive reading sites, apps and much more. We will also have five IPADS to use in Tier 3 groups. AWESOME!

Smartboard have really interesting tools. We also use it in my school in Armilla, Spain. Children really improve their learning with it, the feedback is great. We use it in all the subjects. However Promethean also works quite good. I have been visiting the website about Brainpop, really great!. Nice to share this experience with Classroom 2.0

I love showing videos on my smartboard.  Its great for notetaking and then printing the notes for students.  I also use the games and activities and also make my own.  It makes the class interactive and engaging!

I use my Smartboard a lot.  My third grade students love it.  They're motivated to learn and love that it's interactive. In math the students are learning rounding.  I use a rounding rodeo interactive lesson the children adore.  It has all the bells and whistles.  When I teach fractions, there's a lesson where the students come up to the board to manipulate parts of a whole. My school also has a subscription to the Greg Tang math website.  I put a game up on the board called Kakooma. The children practice math facts.  It's challenging and fun.   In social studies, I made an interactive Jeopardy lesson using a template that I found on the internet.  The children know the game from TV and they enjoying playing. I also teach the continents and oceans in geography.  There's a lesson I use where the students have label the continents and oceans and another where they manipulate them and move them to the correction location.

There are so many smartboard lessons available.  The students are highly motivated when using it.  It's a great tool to improve learning.



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