Any teachers out there have smartboards ? How are you using it? Do you find it helpful as a teaching resource?

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We are able to use powerpoint books on the smartboard and they are a fabulous way of doing read-alouds. All of the students can see the pictures and are completely engaged. If you have a chance check out PowerPoint books.
I went to powerpointbooks and I can't understand what people are paying for ...

All they would need to do is scan and upload a book they'd like to share and that's free...

Also, how is this site avoiding copyright issues?
Anyone with an iPhone, iTouch or iPad can use AirMouse to link the computer plugged into the Smart/Promethian to the phone/touch/pad as a remote mouse. I have found that this is key in working my way around the room as students are working and still having the ability to use the board.
My biggest complaint is teachers not allowing their students to use the interactive white board. (I'm a Promethean user). They are made to withstand kids who might not be so gentle. If you don't allow the kids access to the board, it is just another board.

Students are much more engaged in lessons that use the board. That is why mine stays on all day! You can do everything from graphic organizers, math problems, fill in the blanks, test review, and games to showing videos, projecting Skype calls, and using your document camera. The possibilities are endless!

Some of my favorite sites to use with kids on the iwb is Promethean Planet and Smart Tech. You realize the files are interchangable, don't you. My kids also love to play for spelling and vocabulary practice. The games are fully functional on the IWB. is another great site for grammar practice. Take time to share the great sites you find with others.
Really a very useful tool...I would like to thank to the developer!
Is it just me of do the Kaylee Hutton posts have a wiff of spam?

Don't mean to offend if that isn't the case, but they either have gramatical errors or links to a subscription website (I moderate an on-line Forum and the grammar errors remind me of the ones I see on my Forum all the time from spammers).

Just sayin'...
I had never used a smartboard before this year, but have really gotten used to it now and like having it. Here's one of the resources I used as I was trying to figuring out what all I could do with it:

This is my third year having a smartboard in my classroom, and I use it all day long! I teach first grade, so the smartboard provides a lot of modeling for my students. To start off the day, I use the smartboard and document camera to show the students what I want them to write down in their agenda book. This is helpful for the students because they still have difficulty with spelling, so this way they do not need to ask me how to spell what I want them to write.

Once they copy down their homework, we move into our reading block. Starting off with phonics, I use the smartboard to do phonics activities including word sorts, sound sorts, spelling games, and other phonics activities. In grammar, the students come up to the smartboard and do activities including correct the sentences, changing verb tenses, etc. We use interactive games during reading to keep the students attention, model worksheets, show the students things from a book (cover, glossary, index, etc.) and also applications like random group generator to group or call on students.

In math, we model the math games on the smartboard, and students come up and take turns playing the math games. In Smart Notebook, we use tools included dice, chips, and other manipulatives that can be moved around. This acts as a model for the students before they go off and and try the game themselves.

We also show several videos on the smartboard from sites including Brainpop, Starfall, etc. to provide additional instruction for the students. We often use these videos as activating strategies to start a lesson and get the students thinking about what they are learning about.

We also use the smartboard in order to show the class other students work. We will either scan the work in, or put their work under the document camera and project it on the smartboard. By doing this, students can see what their expectations are, and how they should go about doing an activity or assignment.

I can't imagine teaching without a smartboard! I use it everyday, during every activity. Whether it is as a tool to model for the students, have students interact with technology, or to use as a teaching tool, I feel that my classroom is much better and that my instruction is much more beneficial and engaging for the students.

My district is fortunate enough to have a SMART board in every classroom K-12 as well.  At first I was not a HUGE fan of the SMART board because I felt it forced me to only have 1 student involved at a time, however over the years I have grown to LOVE it and I wouldn't trade it for anything, well maybe a document camera.  I think the document camera is the BEST piece of technology in any classroom.  I have found that I can change the background color and font color, font size, and even use whats called a Magic Pen.  I have also discovered that I can save work and display more than one screen at a time. I find the dual screen feature handy when trying to show an example and a rubric at the same time, while the students are working on the assignment.  I teach first grade and my students LOVE the different patterned pens, like the glitter, crayon, smiley face, etc.  Using one of those instead of red, blue, green, and black makes all the difference in their world.  Another fun and helpful feature when teaching decoding and handwriting is to write the words on the SMART board using white on a dark background and then have the students come up and trace your writing and spelling while decoding the word with a different color pen.  This strategy helps them with handwriting, spelling, fine motor, and decoding, but they just think it is COOL!  I also like that I can walk them through a website that they are on, using their laptops or iPods and I can have the same thing on the SMARTboard for them to follow along.  I think the SMART board has unlimited power and my big tip is the more you use it the more you learn!  

Hello Rich! I used Smartbord as an elementary Spanish teacher. I used it quite often, and my students enjoyed it very much. I used to play games to review a topic. Since teaching a foreing language requires the use of visuals, Smartboard technology offers you many options.  For example, in my lesson of Parts of the Body, my students played a matching game. They matched the pictures with the names of the body parts. Another example is to introduce something new. I used Smatboard to teach my students how to use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast aspects of two cultures. I used Smartboard because Is very interactive, so students were engaged.

I teach Algebra courses in a community college.  My room was equipped with the white board and the interactive pen, but I continued to use the chalkboard.  You’d think coming out of the classroom covered in dust, would be enough motivation to put down the piece of chalk.  However, what motivated me was the ability to record math lessons and posting it online.  At the college, the students download the lesson from Blackboard and review.  Blackboard, course management software, is used at the college for both face-to-face and online courses.  To avoid being overwhelmed with questions at the beginning of the class time, I post announcements, homework assignments, and upload lessons.  The ability to review recorded lessons enabled several of my students to get caught up and their test scores were high.

I know that this is an old forum but I did notice some posts in recent days.  I am sure that over the past 5 years the interactive white board technology has come a long way.  I first got Smartboard two years ago.  I was so excited to see what it could do when I went to training.  Then when I got it in my own classroom it overwhelmed me!  It took forever to create things and I wound up using it as a whiteboard most of the time.  Then I started to use Smart Exchange and started manipulating other people's work.  I found this much easier.  Over the past few years I have grown much more comfortable with my smart board so I wanted to share what I do with it on a daily basis.

I first use it as a management tool in the morning.  The kids move their name for lunch count/attendance and then do the morning work that is on the board.  When I do over morning work I am able to project the image of the student work on the document camera and manipulate it.  For centers I do not use except to move students through their centers using a timed power point.  Math is where I use it the most.  There are a lot of interactive games that get students out of their seats.  There are matching games, dice, multiple choice questions, hot spot (I use this for number lines) and the cyclone game.  There are also vocabulary games where you put in the vocabulary and definition and they play games with it.  The students love it and I love that they are engaged!

Using it for videos and internet research is also nice.  I have a computer center every day and Smartboard makes it easy for the students to see what they need to do when they go to the computer.  I do believe it is worth the money because of all it comes with.  I highly recommend it as a teaching resource.



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