Hello out there. Just wondering whether anyone has used online software for storyboarding especially some that could be shared collaboratively. I use bubbl.us for brainstorming but would like a more specific one for storyboarding. It is just my kids hate designing and especially with pen and paper but they need to plan their outcomes. The web intrigues them so much more. Any suggestions welcome. As I am new, hope I am not repeating a topic or request.

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I am also curious to see if anyone is using Web 2.0 tools for storyboarding. I have grades 6-8 kids storyboard on paper and would love to have them do that on the computer. I've tried using Inspiration for storyboarding but it just wasn't as effective as paper for drawing out what they wanted. Then after upgrading to OS 10.4 on our iMacs our school didn't have enough money to upgrade our Inspiration from OS 9 to OS X so now we don't even have Inspiration anymore.
If you do not have a subscription to Inspiration anymore, you can use Webspiration (beta), which is free: http://www.mywebspiration.com/

Thank you for this link Jennifer.

Not quite what you're looking for but if you have Macs, I love this free program called Director's Boards: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/21301
which allows you to use photographs (or photographs of drawings) and add text to make beautiful looking storyboards. You can export your creations as HTML. In combination with a blog or wiki, you could collaborate around this tool.
Is there something like this for pcs?
Would this help? It's from KidVid--Scripting Your Movie
I've looked at KidVid's offering. It would be a GREAT tool if you could actually save your storyboards. Not very useful because of that unless a student can create a storyboard in one class period and that defeats the purpose of careful planning.

If they fix that, I'll look again. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.
I took another look. It seems there is a version that cannot be saved, The Advanced Version, and then another version which can be saved. Don't know if this helps anybody, this is the version that saves http://storyboard.altec.org/
wonder if tabblo.com or leafletter.com would do the trick?
Susan, I am surprised you did mention voicethread, surely the students could share comments on images here.... not exactly what you are looking for Anne.

"but they need to plan their outcomes....." I understand.... is there a lesson here in reviewing finished work. Is it worth starting the task we a review of previous work, the good the bad and the ugly?
Just saw this software on another post. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but thought I'd share in case you didn't read it cmap

Didn't know how to make the hyper link. Kinda new at this, but the link is above.
I haven't tried this with students, but I think it could definitely work. Have you thought about using a FlipBook from the ReadWriteThink site? It allows you to set up the page with text and drawings, and you can have multiple pages linked together. It doesn't layout like a storyboard, but flips through each page... thus the name FlipBook. http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/flipbook/
If that doesn't work there might be something else from the student materials page that could work:




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