Doing finalizations on our AUP and we'd like to have a look at some others'. We're a charter school with a 1:1 laptop ratio and would appreciate someone sending a copy for us to peruse!


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Hi Ginger. One idea is to have a part of the AUP be student-oriented, accessible, and easy to remember. At The Peck School, where I was tech head, we came up with the acronym "LARK" - all computer use at the school had to be L - Legal, A - Appropriate, R - Responsible and K - Kind. The kids all got to know this and when they crossed over the line it was just a matter of saying, "Do you think what just happened is LARK?" and you could just watch them going over in their minds L - Legal, A - Appropriate, etc., and stopping at the letter that applied. Students used to send me photos of larks and even started spilling the LARK term to other ethical issues. This is also described in my book -- Pamela Livingston
What an awesome idea Pamela - so simple and catchy! This is so appropriate for my class level - I hope you don't mind if I introduce LARK to my students and see if they can come up with one of their own!
We searched for something similar for the students using / working with the course wiki. We went for a wiki charter - highlighting like Pamela, simple key words; Collaboration, Accountability and Respect. The students then designed the mini movie.

I appreciate the two are not the same, but the students (16-19 yrs) did complete a fair amount of research before finalising their work. Hope this helps.
Sure no problem go ahead and use it - there's no copyright on the term.
Good idea Pam, going to bring this up at our tech meeting later in the month if that is all right.

Jody Watson
Pam - what a great idea. I teach middle school and your acronym is exactly something they can relate to. May I use it? We don't have laptops for all of our students, but we are trying to get there with our high school. We're off to a good start just by updating our AUP.
Our AUP is not as clever as those mentioned here, but here's my contribution to this discussion. I'm open to suggestions although this version is leaps and bounds better than the one we had 2 years ago. It's good to see other versions as well.
We are working on a AUP for our Pre-K through 6 school. Here are some of my findings
Thanks for sharing your AUP George!
Trying to put together an AUP for a PYP school in the Middle East atm. George, there is so much in yours that i like and you know what they say about reinventing the wheel... Would it be possible for me to use it as a model for ours or are there any copywright issues that I need to be aware of? Eitherway thanks for sharing it.
I love the acronym. All AUP's should be translated into kid-speak. So, who in the school is the LARK narc? :-)
Visit my site, select "Computer" followed by "Web Topics", and browse the links. I created "Fair Use PowerPoint" for my 7th & 8th graders in the computer lab.



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