I need some help with ideas for sharing a calendar of appointments between staff members. We work with Macs and all have iCal. Is there someway we can set it up for access from our own computers?

If not, is there something else out there that would work for this purpose? We'd like to stick as close to the basic iCal format since that's where we're most comfortable.

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Google Calendar works well for this. You can setup a Google calendar and embed it into a wiki, blog or website or access it right from the permalink. Anyone you share the calendar with will be able add and subscribe to the iCal link. Here is an example of the one I just setup http://eduwikius.wikispaces.com/2.0+Calendar

I customized the page to include the XML, iCal and HTML buttons, but if you connect directly to Google, you wouldn't need to do that step.

The other option I can think of is to buy a .Mac account for $99/year.

I do not know about iCal but if everyone has a gmail account. everyone can send information to each other through googledocs.
Have you tried Google Calendar? You can find it on the Google website.
How do you embed the google calendar into your classroom 2.o page? I could really use some direction.
Try airset.com...easy to use and embed and you can allow users to add/edit the calendar

it is FREE...

Hi Ginger and others,

I know it's a very old topic but you might be interested in LARS 20 resource scheduling software. In general, it's best for lab and equipment management. You can read about lars (labandresourcescheduler) here http://www.labandresourcescheduler.com/. Hopefully some of you will find this input valuable. 



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