Educational Technology Conferences--What Are Your Favorite Shows?

What educational technology shows/conferences do you attend?

Is there a good list somewhere of the local and national educational technology shows that are held? I'd like to put them all in a calendar and have them show up here at Classroom 2.0.


Now in a calendar at the bottom of the front page.

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T.H.E Journal as a nice calendar. And don't forget Hitchhikr!

I personally have a bias towards the Illinois Technology Conference for Teachers as I am on the conference committee for this event. I'd like to attend NAIS one day and the Channel 13 conference in NYC, too. I've also heard T + L is good and as well as TCEA and FETC.
I am from Maine and attend MainEd and Christa McAuliffe (NH) every year. I have been part of T+L2 which I really enjoyed, but it became too expensive to get to it and NECC. I have heard great things about TCEA and FTC also. I used to like Classroom Connect, but I don't believe they meet anymore.
Lately, I have been on the virtual circuit more and more. I try to catch anything by EVO and am waiting to hear from "K-12 Online 2007".
I attend the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium conference every year (held in November- this year on November 14th - 16th) and NECC when I can arrange to get there.
Thanks for the good information. Keep it coming! I'm putting these all in a calendar, the feed for which can be seen on the front page of Classroom 2.0 on the bottom left of the page.
Last year, I attended for the first time the Celebration of Teaching and Learning sponsored by, among others, PBS, in Manhattan. The focus is on Globalization and Technology and I got to listen to people like Al Gore (!), Margaret Spelling, and Alan November. While it doesn't all focus on technology, this conference was single-handedly responsible for changing my teaching and my learning. It was just scheduled for 2008. I highly recommend it!
Ok, I have to admit, all of my new thoughts, trainings, ideas come from the following conferences and in no particular order.
FETC --wow, I'm like a kid in a candy store, the showroom with exhibitors is almost like disneyland!
SITE -- very educational and state of the art! NO exhibitors but lots of global collaboration
METC -- this year in St. Charles MO and sooo many useful presentations!
A technology conference for librarians which is great is Internet Librarian and Internet Librarian Schools.

Always cutting edge stuff in terms of libraries and web 2.0 and internet tools.
I was lucky enough to attend NECC last year in San Diego. It was phenomenal!!! I highly reccommend it. Here in Kansas we have 2 conferences sponsored by MACE (Mid-America Association for Computers in Education), one in February/March that is held at Kansas State University, and one (MTI) in July that moves around. Last year, I attended MTI in Winfield and this year it will be in Bonner Springs, but I have a prior committment.
Living so far away from the brink of things, I have never attended an educational technology show or conference, therefore I am very excited about the "K12 Online" conference
for teachers, administrators and educators around the world interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms and professional practice! This year’s conference is scheduled to be held over two weeks, October 15-19 and October 22-26 of 2007, and will include a preconference keynote during the week of October 8. This year’s conference theme is “Playing with Boundaries.”
Week 1
Strand A: Classroom 2.0
Strand B: New Tools
Week 2
Strand A: Professional Learning
Strand B: Obstacles to Opportunities
I've been to Alan November's Building Learning Communities conference in Boston and loved it. We're going again this year and bringing students to learn and share what they've learning back in the district.

Conference Website
This was also my favorite conference last year. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. I went to NECC instead, which had its great moments - but now I'm wishing I had spent the money on BLC! Any chance of a edubloggercon in Boston during BLC?

I've been to FETC (Orlando, FL) many times and think it's a great conference! Last winter I opted to try TCEA (Austin, TX), and really enjoyed that conference, too. I highly recommend both of these conferences.

Two notes:
My conference admission to TCEA included a one year membership in the TX Computer Educators Assoc. and a year's subscription to their journal which contains many interesting and useful articles.

FETC is still accepting proposals for presentations at next January's conference; the deadline is 6/20/08.



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