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Hello Everyone,

My name is Daniel Moon and I teach 6th grade in suburban Orange County, CA. Technology has always been an area of interest for me and the recent developments in Web 2.0 technology is fascinating.

This year, I have been teaching computers and technology to two groups of students and have attempted to incorporate tools and skills about which I have learned.

I recently started a class wiki after attending a session by Will Richardson at CUE. My students took to it quickly and have posted over 500 comments in a few short weeks. I challenged them to create short videos on a topic of their choice or on something educational.

I also have a website hosted on .mac and a class blog on blogger... The question in my mind now is, as new tools come online, how do I consolidate the tools to make the most of the features offered while still holding my audience through the movement?

I look forward to being a member and hope that we'll be able to share in meaningful conversations.
hi Daniel
I am interested in how you are using the combination of wikis and videos.
Hi I am Karen the Librarian...I attended a recent conference in Raliegh, NC and learned all about blogs, wikis, and Classroom 2.0. I work as a Media Coordinator, Information Specialist, Media Specialist....whatever the newest title is--in a K-5 school in North Carolina. I think this is an excellent forum for educators to communicate about what we do...I am looking forward to learning how I can incorporate all of this information into my daily teaching. I am also looking forward to learning from all of you....educators do not get a chance to communicate enough. What a great way this will be to share our ideas!
Hello, My name is Chris Potter and I can't read directions very well. I have been a member of this community for a few weeks and I haven't posted here yet. Until now.
I come from the United States. Upstate NY to be specific. I teach US history and Global 9. I am very interested in using technology and in particular web 2.0 technologies to enrich my material. If anyone is a high school social studies teacher I'd love to share ideas with you. Let me know.

I'm Nanhee Ryu and a project manager.
I've planned website cyworld( It's the most popular Social Network Service in Korea.
I'll start a new project about next SNS before long, so I'm searching and collecting materials.

I am so glad to join this and hope to share ideas.
Hello all. I'm from Canada. I am a K - 12 school principal. I teach Social Studies and Communication Production Technology. I've been blogging over at my blog for about 5 months discussing the use of technology in schools and the need we have to move out the present model of schooling in which we are stuck.

I am using various tools in my classes and trying to see how they enhance the learning of the students. I'm very interested to see how students respond to different methods of teachiing especially using the Web2.0 tools.

I heard about this via my RSS reader and decided to see how it would pan out. I've come to see my networking as my PD, reading and commenting on many different blogs. As a principal, I'm looking for different ways to draw my staff into using more of these tools in their own teaching. As a father of 7 children, I am interested in seeing how we can move schooling from its present condition to a new state where we focus less on "testing" and more on developing our students understandings and creativity.
Great to be here! - Dan Morris from Colorado.
Greetings! I'm Liz Wysocki in Bastrop Texas (30 miles east of Austin).
Hello world in here. Karla Murray here from Goodland, Kansas. I joined this community on April 2, 2007. Thanks goes to all of YOU who contribute your thoughts and experiences in the many pages of this amazing machine we call the web. I can't quit learning.....
William Bishop (Bill) here! I love learning and teaching. Moreover, I love learning and teaching with technology, specifically Web 2.0 technologies. I am currently a Spanish teacher, parent, and husband. I look forward to reading and sharing Classroom 2.0 ideas with everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!
Just joined after poking around Infinte Thinking Machine via spiffy new tool, Vienna - aggregator & browser in one, not just an all beef hot dog anymore! I hail from "up north" in and around the Twin Cities, US of A, and I am really hoping to inspire some more radical changes within a pretty traditional & typical public school environment. As a building tech integration specialist, I have a unique opportunity to become a change agent, and I'm hoping to leverage my knowledge and passsion into efforts that make colleagues I regard as great teachers even better!

I'm Sharon Eilts, special education teacher from Cupertino, CA. Glad to be aboard and learning about this new collaborative tool.



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