Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello Everyone. My name is Karen Moore and I am the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a large suburban school district in Northeast Ohio. I am interested in networking and learning new ways to use Web 2.0 in our classrooms to enhance the learning of both students and adults.
Hi, Karen. I'm Jonah, a MS Tech teacher for grades 6-7 in your neighboring state of PA.

I, too am interested in networking and learning new ways to use Web 2.0 in classrooms to enhance the learning of students and adults.

Which grades do you teach or are you more of a consultant/guru?

What are your MS kids doing tech-wise? Can you attach a copy of the curriculum? I'd be happy to reciprocate.
Hi everyone.. Jeanne Carter... Three Oaks, Michigan.. I'm the Instructional Technology Facilitator for grades K-5 in our small rural district. I'm always looking for projects, collaborations and fun new things to take to my teachers!!
Hi, Jeanne . I'm Jonah, a MS Tech teacher for grades 6 & 7 in PA. About 550 kids.

I'm interested in networking and learning new ways to use Web 2.0 in classrooms to enhance the learning of students and adults.

Which grades do you teach or are you more of a consultant/tech guru?

What are your MS kids doing tech-wise? Can you attach a copy of the MS curriculum? I'd be happy to reciprocate.
Hi, I'm Rees Midgley from Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!). After retirement from the Univ of Michigan I formed a small, grant-supported non-profit company, inDepthLearning, focused on using the web for teaching and learning. We're in our third year of a major grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIH) and have developed a new type of game for middle schools called "DSI: Drug Scene Investigators" (go to: We are evaluating it nationally starting the end of this month. The game engages students in a drug mystery. Solving it requires inquiry of a provided library, finding clues in scenes, talking with witnesses, doing lab experiments, note-taking and note-linking, critical thinking, and answering brief quizzes with formative feedback on every answer. Teachers and students love it. Many have said it's "awesome."

Our task now is locating schools willing to participate. Eligible participating schools will receive $50 for the first classroom, $25 for each add'l classroom, and free access to DSI: Drug Scene Investigators for the next year. Getting the word out is our current big problem. Any ideas?
Hi Everyone. I am currently teaching at a 2-year college in Colorado. I teach Algebra, computer programming, and web design. My background includes a BS in software engineering and a MA in Education. I am just starting to apply technology to my math courses, and working on helping other general education teachers to incorporate technology in a useful way. I look forward to the discussions.
Hello All -

I am very excited to be a part of this network! I can't believe I hadn't heard of it until now.... It's great to find a group of professionals committed to the integration of technology in our schools. I looking forward to participating in the online community!
Hello Everyone, I'm Eileen Beveridge from Connellsvill Pennsylvania here. I'm currently employed as Senior Mentor and online tutor. Nice to meet everyone!
Hi Eileen, nice to meet you , what is the meaning of Senior Mentor and online tutor? are you work from your home by the internet ? thanks

I’m a fourth year teacher in the Chilliwack School District located in southern British Columbia, Canada. Currently, I don’t have a classroom or grade of my own. Instead I travel around all elementary and middle school in my district in a team of five teachers. Together we enter a specific school and relieve a group of intermediate teachers, allowing them to collaborate. The focus of all SD 33 collaboration this year is centered around best assessment practices. In short, I’m a collaboration teacher.

Given the opportunity I would much rather be building relationships with students, parents, staff, and community members in one particular school. Last year I taught a split 5/6 grade in a inner city type school and thrived on the challenges.

My interests are varied and numerous but if I’m to narrow it down to a couple I’m interested in using technology to engage students in meet performance outcomes. I’m passionate about providing practical everyday examples of mathematics in an effort to deconstruct the dialogue starting with, “When will I ever use this?” It’s also my intent to help my students become proficient in expressing themselves orally and in written form.

Thanks for taking the time to understand some of pedagogy.
I'm David McILroy and I teach English and Film at Qatar Academy. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been dipping my toes in the waters of 21st century learning. I have utilised blogs, wiki, nings and twitter into my classroom practice. I thought it was about time I start reflecting and sharing my 21st century learning experience with other, likeminded, educators.
Hello web colleague (or rather partner,as we share similar interests&problems).I'd be very much pleased to benefit from ur experience.Iwill be thankful 4 sharing.



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