Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all, I'm Deborah Elzie. I've worked in a variety of environments creating online learning for different learners. I currently work for the Louisiana Dept. of Education as part of the Virtual School team. I help create courses for our high school students. I'm also working on a graduate degree in Cognitive Studies at Teachers College.
Hi Lisa McArdle - Abinette here From Riverhead, NY
Hi! My name is Terri Johnson from St. Joseph, Missouri. I'm a generalist instructional coach for a middle school building (7-8) and am piloting an investigative environmental science class for 8th graders.

My goals this year are two fold: 1-to increase the quality and usage of technology within my building and 2-to increase environmental awareness within my community. I'm new to both the class I'm teaching and to many of the Web 2.0 features available. However, I'm a quick learner and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge base!
Welcome, I live OP, Ks. We're neighbors!
My name is Meghan and I am a first grade teacher in Newtown, PA. I like learning new ways to incorporate technology into my classroom.
Hola, I am a high school Spanish teacher in an independent school in Richmond, Virginia. Previously I was a college professor for ten years, specializing in modern Latin American literature and Medieval Spanish literature. I have been heavily involved in technology in the classroom, running discussion fora, nings, and wikis for years now. I have worked with a group to develop a web-based Spanish program called Cine Con Clase that uses Spanish film to augment in-class learning. Our school has an on-going project to increase technology use in the classroom, which in my case specifically applies to podcasting, international skype projects, and other interactive on-line projects across different clases.
Welcome, Chris. It's nice to see another HS Foreign Language teacher on the site. I teach German in rural Indiana. Your technology projects sound great. The French teacher and I are looking for ways to use more technology in our classes. Do you mind sharing your webpage so I can look for ideas we might be able to use?
My name is Diana La Rocque and I am a technology curriculum integration specialist for the middle schools in the Charleston (SC) County School District. I have been teaching and using technology for about 23 years and started in a computer magnet school. Boy, have things changed! Thank you, to all of you, who make this website what it is!
Hello Everyone,

My name is Janice Reid. I am a Manager of Educational technology from Lower Westchester, NY. I am interested in hearing how technology is used in classrooms around the world as I support teachers and administrators with using technology.

Hopefully I will be able to share ideas as well as learn by being a part of discussions.
Welcome to Classroom 2.0. I teach in an elementary gifted program and have done several projects using primary sources over the years. I also have a blog called A Very Old Place, you might see some "new" ways to use "old" stuff there.

I have a former student's dad who has your job at the Harry Truman Library in Independence, Mo.
Hi, I'm a middle school science teacher who also teaches a video lit class. I'm working with students grades 4 - 8 and have a vested interest in helping them use web 2.0 tools as an integral part of their learning. A digital immigrant, I find the process sometimes frustrating, occasionally alarming and always interesting.
Welcome aboard--advice? Start small---



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