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Hello. My name is Angel Mootispaw, I am from Ohio, and I work in the Instructional Design field. I am currently researching web 2.0 tools that will enhance learner engagement in higher education. My goal is to be able to help faculty to incorporate the use of these tools to further develop their f2f classes and to enrich their distance education courses.

Any suggestions are appreciated, especially in the area of mathematics!
You might be interested in the articles about visualization posted on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site.

On this blog article we list some links to visualization work done by college students working with us over the past year.

One role students in high school and college might take is to use these new visualization and communications tools to communicate ideas that draw people together to solve problems in the community and the world that adults have not yet figured out how to solve. If any of you would like to do this in collaboration with the Tutor/Mentor Connection, I'd be happy to have your help.

I host a conference every November and May to draw leaders of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs together, and to create visibility that draws volunteers and donors directly to different programs, especially around the holidays when people are being more generous. If students were creating and communicating visualizations, YouTube videos and other media during the time frame of the conference, and with the same goals, their combined media would be a force of advertising and leadership that would bring support to tutor/mentor programs throughout the country.

One of the workshop panels for the conference focuses on ways to integrate arts, technology and writing into non-school programs. If any of you in the Chicago region would like to be part of that panel, please contact me via the conference web site.
Hello all, just checking out what my students already know. Part of getting old I guess :)

My name is Jacob Doran, and I am currently a pre-service teacher in Columbus, Ohio. I am studying secondary integrated language arts. I am here to find whatever I can to help me prepare to teach high-school English. I found this site while doing research on using web 2.0 in the classroom.
You are in the right place, you will find more info here than you will ever be able to use.
My name is Richard, I teach high school computers and yearbook at an international school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am interested in shaping the students' use of Web 2.0 technologies for life long learning. I am very interested in social networking and connectivity and would like to discuss ideas on how to facilitate educational use of these tools.

The discussion at is highly recommended. Thanks to Steve for his work on this.
Hello! My name is Casey Giordani and I am a instructional tech specialist and hs math teacher in Hingham MA. I am looking to start video conferencing at my school. We are a PC district with a few iMacs in the LMC. (I am a mac myself). I have tried the isught cam build in while using skype. I was successful in transmitting my image, but could not see the use on the other end. The sound kept breaking up as well. I have done this from home with great success though. Any thoughts? And thank you for having me!
I am an Indonesian 57 years old. I am interested with the web 2 as effective communication tools especially in online education. I dont have any experiences in applying web 2, At the time being I apply web 1 to give coaching to about 100 teachers in education management. In case I would like to improve my online coaching to web 2, what is the first step I have to do?
Hi, Everyone.
I'm Susan Brooks in Memphis, TN and am a former Kindergarten teacher, a former Tech Facilitator, a former Computer Lab instructor K-5 and now am a full time professional development technology integration trainer. I have a website, , that is a free portal for teachers K-12. We've been called the Walmart for teachers. Our site offers free help for teachers looking for resources for technology integration, so if anyone needs any curriculum resource help, please feel free to email and ask! I am just getting into Web 2 applications and would like to learn more on how teachers are using them in the primary classrooms. One problem I run across is that most of these applications are blocked by school filters. Has anyone had that problem, and how do you get around it, legally, within school system policies?
Welcome aboard. I was just looking at your website the other day, you had a good list of differentiation ideas. I teach in a gifted pullout program and we use technology all the time and haven't had much trouble with filtering...MySpace Facebook and You Tube are blocked but I've never be stopped from doing anything I want to do by the district. We were setting up our first video conference with a school in New Jersey and wanted to use Skype, one of the tech guys said Skype was blocked but had a quick easy and workable solution with Marratech. All is well. You can see all of the stuff we've done in the last few years here. I noticed your online modules don't include all the latest tools--blogs, wikis, twitter, etc etc! You guys have a lot of work ahead of you!! haha Let me know if you need help with anything.
Hi there! Thanks for offering to help. And to add a new puzzle piece is an excellent idea. The site is so huge that even I have trouble finding things, hence the site map that was created! We do have some web 2.0 resources and there are a lot of tutorials out there that we have linked. Web 2.0 Resources. But they are hidden and need to be more prominent. I'll do that this week! Thanks again for the idea. I may take you up on finding other applications that are used commonly in classrooms today.
Hi, I'm Tricia Fuglestad. I use technology in my elementary art program. I love to make movies "Fugleflicks" to teach art related concepts to my students.
Also, I'm a big advocate for instructional technology. A group of fifth graders just finished working on a video entry into eInstruction's classroom technology makeover contest. Want to see? Click here to view "What a Cheap Trick".
Please login in and write us an encouraging note and rate us:) Thanks for looking!



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