Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello all.

My name's Dave Chamberlain. I live and teach in southern NH. I have only been teaching for a few years, but worked as a software engineer for about 20 years before teaching. I love adding technology to both my lessons and assignments and hope to pick up some new ideas and share what I have been doing.

I'm moving my blog and podcast over to a non-in-house server, but it is at if anyone is interested. I also twitter via I think that's about it for now.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jamie and I work with a team that is in charge of Mead Map - - the same Mead that makes Trapper Keeper, Five Star notebooks, etc. (I made my shameless plug in the appropriate place : )

If anyone has any questions or is interested in running some classroom pilot programs, add me as friend.
Hi! I'm Carol in West Hollywood. I teach sixth grade math and have been at The Center for Early Education for the past 15 years. I have a total of 28 years of experience. I look forward to using this site to energize my curriculum. Hope you all are having a splendid summer. Carol
Hi, I'm Colleen Brown. I'm a building technology coordinator for an elementary school in Thornton, Colorado. I'm looking to collaborate with other tech teachers or classroom teachers Grades K-5. I'd like to build some great projects for our kids.
I am just starting a new job as a Tech Curriculum Integration Specialist. I would love some advice about how to start strong and on the right foot.
Hello Everyone.......
Debbie Alston here from Texas, Instructional Technologist for Killeen Independent School District at Brookhaven Elementary in Killeen, Tx. I would like to collaborate with others using Video Conferencing and Digital Literacy at the elementary level. Looking forward to a new school year and the adventures it will bring.
Thought I would introduce myself. I am Jessica and about to start work at an IBO candidate school, where I will be teaching the PYP for the first time. I have no experience but I am really excited about everything.
Looking forward to hearing from more experienced teachers too :D
Well My name is peter madian

When i see this I Like it

Wyoming Treatment Centers
Hi, I am a writer/filmmaker (last doc was Mad Hot Ballroom about the importance of arts in public education). Currently I have a new totally geared to the middle and high school social studies and humanities curriculum (particularly this year!) about seven young women running for president in the year 2024 and the social inequalities they still face today. It's a mass, ages 8 to 80, entertaining AND educating doc that all kids (boys and girls) will get out of! It comes w/ the study guide too -- written by a NYC middle school teacher (Rebecca Mansell).

Just trying to get the word out. The institutions that "be" make this difficult -- so I'm coming right to "the people!"

The doc website is Hope to see you there!

Hi, Amy!

Thanks for the pointer to the website for your new film. I popped over to take a look, but when I tried to view the trailer, I got the following error message:

404 Not Found
The requested resource was not found.

I hope you can get the trailer up and running soon.

Cheers, Paul
Hello, my name is Kim and I am from Gurdon in the great state of Arkansas. This is my first year teaching and I am the ESL Coordinator for the district. While fufilling these great joys, I'm also a migrant teacher.
I am Tom Treanor, from Austin, TX. I was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. I am married and have three children. I have also lived in California and Louisiana. I have lived in Austin since 1995. I began teaching in 1989, and taught ten years - 4th & 5th grade, and special education. Since 2000, I have been a campus technology specialist at two elementary schools here in Austin. I get to teach/facilitate all of our kids, PreK-5th. I am involved in professional development as well as maintenance of our campus, techno-wise. I love my job. I recently became certified as a trainer in the Intel Teach program, and I am also a certified in the GLOBE program.My motivation to join Classroom 2.0 is simply to assist in becoming a better teacher. Specifically, I am interested in web 2.0 stuff because our school district is embarking on a major purchase of instructional technology hardware, and I want to stay informed regarding the best way emerging technologies can serve students.



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