Has anyone set up an RSS reader for current events assignment?

Instead of a standard HS student response to this project, ie a random Google search 10 minutes before it is due, they may show more of an interest in it. My thinking is that it allows you to more control of the sources and you could go cross-curriculum. Science sources, Foreign Language sources, blogs, etc.

I'd love to use Google Reader, but you get a Gmail account and giving kids unrestricted anonymous email won't really work. Bloglines is blocked. Newsgator or some other resource maybe???

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There is a list of aggregators at
But isn't it a case of just choosing any aggregator (preferrably web-based so portable) ... and the trick comes in choosing where the feeds come from .... this sounds like a great item to add to the students orientation at the start of the year.
There are some videos and PowerPoints about RSS that may help you with this at
.... there are some specialists sites that specifically answer your question but not all web 2.0 .... have a look at
.. would really appreciate knowing of any others you find.
I will check them out. Thank you very much.
I am not sure if I understand you correctly but Google reader does not require a gmail. Any email address can be used and if you are teaching HS I bet they already have e-mail acount. Another option might be using page flakes. I know Will Richardson and others have set up pagefalke pages to pull in feeds from a variety of sources and made that accessible to everyone.
I have not used page flakes much but it is similar to setting up and igoogle page in that you build the page as you like it ... I will try to find and example.
I want to start clean with an account that has just the feeds I put on there.
But you can't get google reader without "signing up" with google and you automatically get a gmail account when you do that.
Pageflakes might be an option..... I will check it out.
You do not automatically get a gmail it is only an otion. I have google reader and I do not have a gmail. You can use any email account to set up a google account. However i agree pageflakes may be the way to go for you.
Are you sure? I tunred off the gmail option, and it deleted my whole account. It was a test account, so it wasn't that bad.

This is more about content than the tools, but when I've done something like this, I include RSS feeds of searches on Yahoo News and specific tags in del.icio.us. Setting up feeds on del.icio.us is really helpful because the hits have been bookmarked by humans, giving you shorter but richer lists.
The powers that be don't feel access to del.icio.us would be prudent at this juncture. Heaven forbid we allow social networking.
I've compiled RSS resources for education: https://www.socialtext.net/medialiteracy/index.cgi?rss_resources
Looks good,
We have signed up some students with Netvibes and others with Google reader. Netvibes does have a function that allows you to share a page of feeds with the students which is handy.

Howard, those RSS resources are fantastic, thanks for sharing them.
I would love to see this list, but I cannot seem to see it from the link. I even joined social text, but that didn't work.



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