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I have been trying to gain support for a discussion feature. Its a simple tool to support 'Assessment for Learning' (AFL) teaching in wikispaces. A simple button feature that can be used to assess / mark student postings. A (UK) traffic light system, I teach in Southampton, England.

Green = great, well done....
Yellow = nearly, warm but not quiet....
Red = sorry incorrect.

AFL has shown to have a significant impact on learning and I am keen to promote this type of reflective activity with my/your learners.
If you think its a good idea, please help promote it to Adam and his team at wikispaces. A vote in favour of this feature it would be much appreciated.

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Who would be doing the grading and who would see it? I wouldn't want the students to grade the postings because it'll become a popularity contest and if you grade the posts, online, it will discourage some of the weaker writers from posting.
The feature would be under the organisers control. As such you could issue editor rights if need be.
I work with slightly older students and the AFL part of the task we have worked on have made a significant impact on their understanding.
I disagree with you point about weaker students not posting. Firstly, whether you use the traffic light system is up to you. Second, AFL is reflective by its very nature. Incorrect posts are very important, they move the learner towards the right answer. The Edison theory of not making mistakes but finding 20,000 ways a light bulb didnt work. Frank - have you used discussion with your students?
I am totally against assessing my students work in the way proposed. I want to give them constructive feedback to help them develop.
What exactly is being assessed when your students post in a wiki? what is this AFK method really after? iMHO, Learning how to and demonstrating proficiency in manipulating wikis is different from creating creative and reflective posts , which is also very different from grammar, syntax, etc. How does this AFL technique differentiate between these achievement targets??

Using 3 color codes for level of achievement doesn't sound like real assessment FOR learning; no constructive feedback is given to help students understand what their strengths and areas of improvement are (and what they can do to get better). That method you're suggesting doesn't sound like it truly aligns with what AFL really is.
Look at the dates of the posts we leap from Kristian's post in June 2007 to very recent.
Ha, yikes! Didn't realize I was replying to a very old post. It was at the top of my forum page :(.



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