I've been getting an error message whenever I launch the Classroom 2.0 main page. It looks like this:

I'm running a MacBook using OSX10.5 and surfing in Firefox 3.0 - Anyone have a suggestion? It makes it tough to participate as much as I might - the page stalls significantly and this occurs every time I load the page. Wonder what the offending flash file is?

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I'm just seeing this, having been gone at a workshop at the end of last week. I've changed the blog view to titles-only on the main page, and now I'm going to play with the video and photo displays. I'm also checking in the Ning forums to see if anyone else is having this problem.
I'm pretty sure it is the photo gallery display!

Thanks for attending to it!
I just deleted a "photo" that was called ThumbJPGSegment.data and that I'm guessing was uploaded but wasn't actually a photo. It was trying to load, I believe. Not sure why that particular file would have been flagged as one of the most popular photos and so would have been appearing there... ?

Let me know if there are any more difficulties or if that has solved it. :)

Two differences - the error message did NOT appear and the pics are showing as more than just a single grayed-out container. Thanks for fixing this - and thanks for such a terrific resource!

The two differences were one and the same. The pics slideshow was trying to show something that was not actually an image file. And you're welcome!
Lookin' good!
I'm still having trouble with photos and background color all being gone at my work computer, but at home last night it worked. I even tried deleting cookies, etc. here at work and it still is messed up.
Did you hit the refresh button? Sometimes a proxy server can do this.
Hi, Peggy. I think this means that ning.com is blocked at your work. Classroom20.com comes through, but api.ning.com is needed for some images. See if they'd be willing to unblock just api.ning.com for you.
aaah, sweet relief!
Thxs Steve - for your interaction!



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