I teach at a vocational high school. We are looking to offer a business math course next year that would teach our seniors:

personal finance (credit cards, mortgages, loans, savings, etc.)
investing money (CDs, stocks, bonds, etc.)
business math (inventory, depreciation, business plans, forecasting, etc.)
and other necessary math skills for tradesmen running a business

I have a SmartBoard with high speed internet access in my classroom. Our school also has a distance learning lab. I already videocast of all my lessons and post them to my class website (for the other subjects I teach). I also have student response keypads, video editting equipment, graphing calculators, and the ability to purchase what I need. I have no experience doing webquests or teaching outside the book (but I am willing to learn).

Ideally, I would like to make this course into a 21st century classroom - project based with the students learning how to research the problem while they are solving it.

Any suggestions for webquests, websites, books, resources, gadgets, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Joanna,

I help develop a course and wrote the answer keys for an course that used to be titled Algebra Principles in Business. This is a course that does meet public school requirements for Algebra I. This has been the issues when teaching a "math" course for "math" credit verse a business math course. Now is it called Algebra Principles. We are looking at changing the name again to meet NCAA requirements - Algebra 1 in Business. We have a similar course Geometry Principles in Construction (Geometry in Construction). I am presently writing Algebra II in Process Science course. I am doing a workshop at the end of the month at the Rocky Mtn Alliance for Process Technology (business, community college, work training program, and the high school connection) But this course has not be updated for web 3.0 or even web 2.0. LOL This is the link.


Thank you for responding. Your school's website requires a username and password. Can you post the information?
Hi Joanna,

I teach math in a vocation high school as well. I have used the website www.moneyinstructor.com and have found many good resources there. Although not interactive for students, it gives some basic lessons on all the topics you listed, above.

Good Luck
Hi Joanna,
Here is a website that has some resources that may be helpful for you:

The NEFE High School Financial Planning materials include FREE, high quality lessons for personal finance for high schoolers. The workbooks, teacher materials, powerpoints, etc are free to order. I have used them in my classroom with great success. Approximately 7 weeks worth of material.

You must check this out at:

There are some interesting resources at www.moneyskill.org. This site has a series of nearly 40 modules that work nicely as a supplement. There is really a lot of good information. Teachers can set up classrooms and assign any or all the modules. Modules are scored on the computer and the teacher has access to a gradebook.
We are using a program from Knowledge Matters called Virtual Business Personal Finance - it covers the topics you are looking at and really keeps the kids engaged.



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