I gave two technology presentations yesterday on "cool tools" and "teacher created podcasting" using wiki's as the platform. It worked well and the plan was to share them with everyone when completed. I have opened them to the public and invite you to share your additions to them as well!

I also thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite or personal resource wiki links! Do you have a resource wiki that you have created or like to use? What is the topic? Let's share our links!

My wiki can be found at www.masterymaze.com. It has a section on "student resources", "cool tech tools", and "pocasting and screencasting resources". Both presentations are there as well.



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Very helpful.. thanks.

I love your site, Shaun! Just wondered if it's possible to add sites say from del.icio.us to my wiki (like uploading a file) rather than opening del.icio.us, copying the link and putting it in the wiki. Or do you host your articles and files somewhere else to make it easier? I'm also curious to know the difference between edublogs and wikis - because edublogs do seem easier fo students to use. Has that been your experience?
I maintain two wikis that may be of interest to this thread. One is my EduBlog Award winning Economics wiki at http://welkerswikinomics.wetpaint.com. The other is a wiki I've created aimed at sharing my ideas on how wikis can be used in education. I have presented a workshop with this wiki on several occasions around Asia. This wiki it found at http://learning2shanghai.wetpaint.com

Hi Sue,

Great idea! I created a wiki resource for my colleagues at Sierra College as a place to connect and reflect about learning 2.0 resources. It provides links to online tools, copyright info, our college's iTunes U site, prof development and relevant articles. I'm in higher ed so the material is tweaked for my audience. I hope you find it a resource as well!

iTech Lab wiki

Michelle Pacansky-Brock
My summer school students built a wiimote whiteboard and made a wiki about it. Summer school is over and we didn't quite get to finish it all the way, but I thought the kids did a great job on it. It has lots of voicethreads and a movie on it.

Wiimote Whiteboards 4 Macs
Hi Sue,

I have created a Web 2.0 Tutorial on Wikispaces that you may find helpful. Here is the link:


Such great stuff! Thanks!

When I was first getting started with wikis in my classroom, I found a teacher's wiki that was absolutely outstanding. I used it for a lot of inspiration for my own (which is private). I'm going to give her address and hope that you find it as awesome as I do!


Hi, I'm an Educational Technology Integrationist in South Dakota. Lots of cool tools here. Thought I'd add my Web 2.0 Wiki to the mix.

;) gary



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