I've just started a private Ning network for my English as a Second Language class here in Melbourne, Australia (see my blog post about my first week and our work from last year here). My students are a mix of refugees and immigrants. Some have studied ICT or have quite extensive experience with computers whilst others have had little to none. What is common however, is a fierce determination and enthusiasm in respect to ICT and multimedia in general.

Due to the war backgrounds of many of the students I've kept the Ning private but I'd like the students to have contact with others beyond the classroom. So, at this stage I'm looking for teachers who'd be interested in dropping by and giving some feedback, offering advice, support and encouragement.

They were very excited last year when Connie (founder of this Ning) dropped by and gave them some comments on their first group videos. So if you're interested, let me know. I'm looking forward to slowly expanding our Ning world.

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Hi, you can count on me.. we also need some help at International Collaboration you are also invited to join us and maybe our students can get together sometime.

How do I join you?

Keep on shining!
Hey Doris

Thanks so much for the quick reply. You can visit our Ning here

We've only just started but it'll be great to have some added feedback and support. I will now check out your site.

Thanks Stephen, it'd be great to have you join our ning community. I've posted a comment to you about this.
Hi Greg, I am in the UK an would like to be involved...it will be great. Best wishes to all your students
Hi Richard, that'd be fab. I've posted a comment on your page. We're always keen to have more teachers involved interacting with the students.
Hi! Greg! I teach English in Korea. I wonder if I help your students, but I think I play a role in giving some feedback, offering advice, and support as a foreigner teaching and learning English. And our school that I work has a sister school in Sydney, Australia. bye...
Gye, Sung Hwan from Korea.



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