Hello Everyone!

I wonder if you can help me out?

I am going to be presenting at an ed tech conference next week, discussing my use of teacher created podcasts and screencasts or "masterycasts" and how they have impacted my classroom. I am going to be showing teachers how they can do the same, using their students iPods and mp3 players as teaching tools.

I am looking for other examples to show them! Please share what you have created to help kids, or the work of others you have seen as well. I know I am not the only teacher out there doing this! I am interested in resources and examples running from sites, ITunes (or similar aggregators), or other audio/video use of players of any type assisting learning.

How are educators using audio/video, iPods, and mp3's as teaching and learning tools?

Thanks for your help!

Sue P

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At the school I work at, there is a college close by. I teamed up with a professor there who teaches future teachers in the area of reading. We developed an activity where my students, 3rd graders, did an oral reading podcast and their college "podcast pal" listened to their podcast and then returned a podcast giving suggestions on what they can do to improve in their reading (all area). The 3rd graders would then practice their suggestions before the next podcast 2 weeks later. This process of podcasting back and forth continued throughout the year. My 3rd graders were very motivated as they were for the most part, a class labeled "At Risk". Through this project, their reading fluency and comprehension improved a lot!
ITunesU is a really great resource I was just introduced to this year. ItunesU has podcasts from many different educational universities involving many different topics. There was a really cool series about the Holocaust. They have different podcasts from Holocaust survivors- and they tell their stories. If a middle school teacher teaches about the Holocaust these podcasts can fit vey nicely in the lesson. ITunesU is a very fun and educational resource involving podcasts and can be a really great educational tool- There is a podcast for probably any topic the teacher teaches about.
I am now an administrator, but I used podcasting a great deal when I was teaching. I did studycasts and I now teach my teachers how to podcast on MyPodcast.com. My training site is :


It has an example of a study cast and of a fun historycast that my students would be asked to do.


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