Parenting 2.0: How to Help Parents with Digital Issues and Fears

Did your mama talk to you about sexting, cyberbullying, and watching what you post on Facebook? Parents today have a whole new set of challenges and issues, raised by technology at school and home. Learn how you can help parents understand the real issues, fears and challenges and support them in being great parents in a 2.0 world. Resources for schools and families will be shared, and the core presentation is based on presentations at school PTA meetings, Wired Safety, and Wired Moms.

Presentation made 2/2/2011 at FETC 2011.

You can download the slides and use them with parents, at PTSA meetings, etc. as you wish. If we as educators help parents understand and use digital media better at home, they are more likely to support robust use of digital tools in school.

Here's the link to the slides:

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Comment by Steve Hargadon on February 3, 2011 at 10:02am
Love this, Rita. I think it might be good to do a live interview/show on it. You game?
Comment by Luisa Maria Pires Miguel on February 8, 2011 at 3:43am

Hello Drª Rita Oates,

I would like to congratulate you for your very interesting post on" Parenting 2.0:How to Help Parents whit Digital Issues and Fears?". In our days, inside the big imersive digital global cultural, It's fundamental that this kind of awereness - must be bringed out in to the parents consciouness, cause after all, they continue to be the relavant link/bridge between school organizations - learning - and students. As you mencioned in your presentation, students relation on the new technologies, can be more saftey and get more of It's potential if parents get's motivation to be inside those actual digital learning tools. That's why is so important, to read/to get in contact whit iniciatives like yours, to became more inside of the real matters of reflection, about the  new educational  media resources on educational parents, for the safe use of children on that learning objects. Thank you for your post.

Luisa Miguel


Ps.I'm a MB student at Lusófona University, Lisbon inside the course on Alternative Communication and Supportive Technologies, starting a project study related whit web acessibility on young students whit disability. Sorry for my English.

Comment by Dr. Rita Oates on February 16, 2011 at 10:59pm
Sure, Steve, let's find a time. I'm a former PTA president who sees the power and potential of parental involvement and support for technology....let's help other educators help parents!
Comment by Dr. Rita Oates on February 16, 2011 at 11:02pm

Dear Luisa Maria,

Thank you so much for your lovely note! I am happy to see you are studying a very important issue for students. I understood your English, and thank you for writing that way. I understand Spanish pretty well, but I could not write Portuguese as well as you write English!

How much are Portuguese parents involved in the schools their children attend?

The superintendent of the school district where I live, Miami, is from Portugal. His name is Alberto Carvahlo.

Good luck with your studies.


Comment by Tina Dahlby on February 17, 2011 at 10:55am
Would love to see a show on this topic.
Comment by Dr. Rita Oates on February 17, 2011 at 11:52am
Thanks, Tina. What kind of questions or issues do you hear about from parents? This presentation grew out of listening to PTA presidents and principals, who shared questions they had been asked.
Comment by Luisa Maria Pires Miguel on February 20, 2011 at 11:29am

Dear Drª Rita Oates,

Tank you for your ansewer and your nice words. I'm glad for your coment about my English (now I'll be a little more confidant on writing).  I'm reall getting more and more envolved, on the study of this matters and in that sense, your great post has helped me a lot to reflect better, about  the importance of parental participation in students technological education. Althought, I'm not working directly in the teaching field -  I can have a general perception that the portuguese parents, aren't so envolved inside the use of new technologies as they should. General, children learn the fundamental use of ICT in schools and outside that space of education - they discover/explore and play in a form of  colaborative way - whit friends or colleges from school. It's reall important to bring parents into this  new challenge because, I think it's not becaming  just a question of education but maybe also a social matter: the more parents stay away from the digital word of youngest - the bigger  risk of rupture between generations. On the other side, in disability field - however parents seem to be more actively, about supportive technologies and other digital devices. I now a particulary case from a child, age eight whit Paralisys that comlemented the knowlege from school in Maths playing a social game (FarmVille) whit the supervision of his mother during the all process of the game. In fact, for the positive exemple of that unsually situation, resulted in a case study.

Thank you also for the kind invatition and I'll be glad to talk whit you again, here on Classroom 2.0.

Finally, about the name of the superentendor named Alberto Carvalho - I didn't nown about his name but you let me curious about it. Now, I'll be attention to his name and activities.

See you soon


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