Landing An Interview With KC Distance Learning

I've been trying to land a job with KC Distance Learning for over a year. My interest in online education began three years ago, when I chose to homeschool my oldest child who had recently been given an IEP and was still not doing so hot in the classroom. Since I was a teacher and had just recently left my position due to a relocation, I was jobless and needing a focus. I decided to take on the education of my own child and after careful research into the world of homeschool curriculum I bumped into Keystone High School, one of three online learning systems offered by KC Distance.

My teaching changed in a large manner when I started homeschooling, as I had become much more of a facilitator of my son's learning. The interactive, online content kept him engaged and let him through the curriculum easily. We also used correspondence courses, which still gave me the opportunity to facilitate his learning.

As the year came and went, it occured to me that the teachers at Keystone were holding a job that I could very well do. I was aware there was little time in my homeschooling day to do a very good job at teaching an online class, but knew the time would come one day when my son was ready to graduate from high school.

And thats where I am. That one day has come.

After a year of diddling around with my online application, I finally got all my certification up to date and my references set correctly. I got an email inviting me to send in copies of my certificates, a word formatted resume, and a formal application.

I was in!

I didn't realize, then, that the process was a little more involved, and that there would be three more steps before my employment start date, but I was overjoyed with the prospect of landing an interview with a company I had been admiring for years.

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