1. The web and how to organize things on the web
2. Get to the point where you are not just consumers but also to get to be contributer
3.How do you play it safe?

the web has much to offer
with so much to offer how do you organize all that data all that content into chunks of info that are useful to you in your profession?

Organizing information:
in the "old" days we would organize info into folders then into folders and finally....
into drawers in a cabinet.
today we use electronic tools to organize our info.
and because so much content is being saved to the web we just need someway of organizing all of it.

We use the web of course!
use the www to organize the www.
just like we use paper to organize paper-right?
to do this we use special sites out there that allow us to bookmark things virtually

Sites include:
email yourself
google bookmarks
and others

understanding organizing
understanding how to organize things electronically is somewhat different from organizing is somewhat different from organizing info non electronically
better way to organize online than with folders and keeping things updated

iphoto is an example of tagging
some software uses this type of organizing already including itunes
some different sites do tagging online: diggo is an example

bookmarking socially
video by leelefever

what about contributing?
organizing content is great but what if you have a great idea that you just want to share?
how do you share original or mostly original content?
you create it yourself!
the way you become a contributer you create it yourself and by using iweb, frontpage, or somtoher computer based program
but before we go creating what types of things would you put on that?
calendar, homework assignments, grades, notes to parents, field trip permission slips, handouts, links to other websites, schools website and etc.

Play it Safe
the problem with all that data is that not all of it is good or factual
some of it is not age appropriate
there is so much of it its hard to navigate
you cant control it all
new technology may present unforeseen issues
people are people and children can or will misuse, abuse, or become victims of all the Web has to offer
make a acceptable use policy (AUP)

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